Friday, October 19, 2012

Flashback Friday

There are pictures on my camera. But whenever I plug said camera into my computer, it tells me lies about how my CF card is unreadable. I start hyperventilating and freaking out, and yelling things at my computer like, "I NEED THE PICTURES WE TOOK AT THE PUMPKIN PATCH, OR I'M GOING TO DIEEEEE! AND YOU'RE COMING WITH ME!"

So. It's been stressful. I need my husband to come home from New York and fix it. He's a good fixer.
So in leiu of pumpkin patch photos from this week, here are some pictures of my babies last October.
Get ready for cuteness overload, folks.

Aww, look at their little Halloween costumes! Super babies! Sadly, we have been "practicing" wearing the boys' costumes almost every day, but they still refuse to wear hats, carry swords, or let me cinch their waists with belts - Also, Micah screams like a banshee when I come near him with a costume.
But every day is a little better. Soon they will love their costumes. THEY WILL LOVE THEM, I SAY.

And of course, our fall family photos. As soon as the leaves in our backyard turn yellow, we're doing this again!
Such happy boys. :)

My boys at the park. Last year they could share a baby swing, and this year they sit in big-boy swings ALL BY THEMSELVES. (Apparently, it's a caps-lock sorta day...)

Oh, my blue-eyed baldy. You've only gotten cuter with the addition of hair.

And of course, who could forget Monster Micah, on the day that he ravaged the town and smashed the city?

I hope you have an excellent weekend, and I hope your camera doesn't chew up and eat your pumpkin patch pictures!

And we have winners of the MiddleBlue Giveaway! I've emailed you ladies, but in case you didn't see them, here are the winners!

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Analilia said...

Your boys are so cute!! I love this. I also hope that you are able to upload your pictures soon. I hate when my computer does that.

Molly S said...

Oh, my gosh. It's so crazy how much they've grown! I've been following you since they were about 3 or 4 months, and I didn't even realize how BIG they are!!! Also, i'm legit bummed I didn't win a blanket. Usually, i'm like *meh* about giveaways, but seriously, i'm blue! Congrats to the lucky ladies!!

Terri said...

You have an adorable family, one day they will live in those costumes, by choice!I am so excited about winning the middleblue blanket, can't stop smiling. Thanks for making my day.

Lana said...

I didn't win! :( I guess I'm never going to get pregnant now!

Jesse Petersen said...

Knuckle sandwich is crackin me up... I never win anything... I'm so excited! Thank you, for sharing this give away. I know a few people who need those blankets, so I'll spread the word.