Monday, October 15, 2012

Photo a Day - Oct 7- 13

This week started at my parents house, and ended in our own tidy home. (Did I say tidy? Yeah, it was tidy when we got here, and stayed that way for... um, 30 seconds?) It has been so lovely! We've had fall weather every day and gone exploring several times. The poor boys were sick in the middle of the week, but now they're feeling a bit better, though they're REALLY angry that I'm trying to wean them off bottles. We tried to go cold turkey, but after an hour of baby-screaming, I gave in. Now we have little tiny bottles before bed, but not IN bed. Ah. Whatever works. 
How was your week?

Sun: Feeding the horses down the street between sessions of General Conference. // Mon: Kathryn is the hula-hooping QUEEN.

Tues: Grey picks some apples for an apple pie. // Wed: Happy Anniversary to us!

Thurs: A delicious pie, baked by my brother Jack. // Fri: Eating breakfast at Grandma'a house.

Sat: A stop at the Salt Flats on our way home... or did I only dream that we went there?

"Give me that toothpaste or you'll have to go to time-" He was in time-out before I could finish my sentence. And he sat there for like a half an hour. // Turning the lights on and off. // A horse, of course. // Grey feeding apples to the local farm animals.

 Oh, all my cozy sweaters! // The Salt Flats, SO COOL. // Fall is here, in the air. // A Ferris Wheel ride on our anniversary!

Katie girl has good style. // The Misty Mountains. // They give me dirty looks when I try to take their picture. // Ah, home sweet home.

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KC Squared said...

Aww he's so cute in time out with the toothpaste!