Wednesday, November 14, 2012

(Almost) Wordless Wednesday - The Zoo

Utah weather is ... confused. If our weekend blizzard was like Christmas, then the past two days have been like February. Warm, dripping, sunny.
The day before our surprise snowstorm was t-shirt weather. In fact, it was so beautiful outside that I was disgruntled. I kept mumbling about how fall needed to pull its act together and at least pretend it was autumn.
Luckily for the boys and me, Travis had just gotten into town and was combatting my guilt-trips by staying home with us! So we went to the zoo, of course. And the zoo, of course, was awesome.

We stayed at the tigers the longest, because they kept roaring (okay, it was more like pathetic moaning) but it delighted the boys and they kept roaring back.

The seals were pretty darn amazing, too. They kept swimming right up to the glass and blowing bubbles at us, and then wrestling and biting each other like under-water puppies.

Hello Grizzly! We were in awe of you.

 The giraffes are tall. Grey is pretty tall, too.

 Micah was worried about the lioness, but Travis helped him to feel better about it.

Grey loved it, too. The zoo is the best, you guys. It's amazing how much more the boys enjoyed this trip to the zoo than the last trip, which was in August, I think. Last time, they just wanted find all the outlets and try and open every door we passed. This time, they were pointing out all the animals and making their sounds. They watched the monkeys way longer than I wanted to, and were overall a delight to be with. Until the ride home, of course. Then they were demons.

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MARCIE said...

You guys have more darn fun!