Friday, November 16, 2012

Aunt Mary

The boys love their Aunt Mary. Micah says, "May-ee," which is very sweet, and both boys want to sit with her at all times, show her all their toys, and feed her all their food.
It's a pretty sweet life.
Since May-ee is at college just three hours from us, we get her for Thanksgiving! Hurrah! And because she is awesome, she came down to stay with us early! Double-hurrah!
Micah and aunt Mary are making "choo-choo" noises, since we could see the train go by from our driveway (where we rushed out to celebrate her arrival.)

 Headed in to the backyard to show her our snowfort. Look! All our snow has melted. It's been crazy warm for a few days. So warm, that I am a little annoyed. But it's nice to play outside without 17 layers of snow clothes.

Before we left the house, Grey had the ingenious idea to grab an ice cream scoop. You know, so he could eat all the snow he wanted without getting his hands cold. My kids are more than a little obsessed with eating snow, be it freshly fallen and fluffy, or dirty playground playground snow.  Nothing I say can convince them that having woodchips frozen into your snow isn't an improvement. Luckily most of our snow is still quite clean.

Seriously. Have I mentioned how much we like this girl? We do. A lot.
Here's another reason why:

Becky: What year did you graduate? 2009?
Mary: What, why? Who are you texting?
Becky: No one! I'm sweeping! See my broom?
Mary: WHY are you asking me personal questions then?

Oh, did I mention that she's crazy? That's the real reason that we love her.

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MARCIE said...

So lucky you can be together, and esp for T day!