Tuesday, November 6, 2012


You guys. I wasn't going to write about this on my blog, because I'm pretty sure that no one really cares about it except my brother Jack and me. This is a very nerdy post about Harry Potter, because I've been thinking about it lately.

Pottermore.com is J.K. Rowling's official website about Harry Potter. You can go online and "let your wand choose you" and then be sorted in your house at Hogwarts using a test designed by J.K. Rowling The Sorting Hat. I tried to take that test like 50 times, (I know that it's designed for children, okay?) but the browser that I was using never worked. Finally, last week at our neighbor's Harry Potter party, they insisted that Jack (my 15 year-old brother) and I take the test on their computer.
I was delighted to find that unlike the tests made by fans, which say things like "Which is more important to you: bravery, intelligence, power, or loyalty?" it said things like, "Which smell is more attractive to you? The Sea, Fresh Parchment, Home, A Crackling Fire?" Or what types of magic do you want to study? What are you most afraid of? Etc.
I watched my brother Jack take the test first, and with very few exceptions, I would have answered exactly the same. Each quiz is written with different questions, so I took the quiz right after  Jack, and we were sorted into the same house. Ravenclaw.
I was so pleased. Is that silly? I think of it as a personality test, to some extent. Jack and I have really similar personalities. And even though we aren't very scholarly, we are both "bookish" and (I think) really artistic, and we make our own opinions and don't care if they're not the popular decisions, etc.
The next morning, with my family all sitting around together, the rest of the family took the tests. My 7 year old sister Kathryn was delighted to be sorted into Hufflepuff.  Their common room sounds the nicest. Homemade quilts on the beds, plants growing everywhere and a view of fields of dandelions and daisies out their window. My Dad was sorted into Gryffindor, where dwell the brave at heart. That seems perfect, too. He's smart, hardworking, funny, and likable. The only surprise was that my mom was sorted into Slytherin! She wants to be well-liked, and sticks up for her friends and family, which are Slytherin-y traits, but I think the real reason that she was sorted into Slytherin is that she loves water and the Slytherin common  room looks out over the lake, and the sounds of the waves lapping against the lake are the sounds that lull Slytherins to sleep.
My dad instantly said, "Well, I'm going to sneak into the Slytherin common room so I can be with your mom."
"Don't people usually marry people from their own house?" asked my mom.
"Only because they know them the best, it's not a thing." I said.
"Gryffindor and Slytherin," said my dad, "We're two sides of the same coin. We're the same."
It's cute. I like it. I am going to make Travis take it when he comes home from California tonight.
I suspect that he is Hufflepuff. Loyal, hardworking, trustworthy, and um.. did I mention handsome?
It's time for him to come home and reign in my nerdy.

Also, what house are you in? You should go to Pottermore and take the quiz. :)

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Katie Lewis said...

Becky, could you tell me where to go once on the pottermore site? I tried to find it months ago (created a username and everything) but never had any luck. I'd love to take the test!

Becky Pitcher said...

@Katie Lewis
Okay, it's surprisingly tricky. You have to go through all the chapters until you get to the castle. So first you have you arrow through all chapters about Harry at privet drive, and then when you get to Diagon Alley, (Where I always got stuck) double click on Gringotts and then click on a piece of paper lying on the ground. It is your school supply list, you have to "buy" all the items on your list before you can get your wand, by clicking on the shops and selecting your supplies. But then you get your wand and you can click through to the sorting really quickly.
Also, I tried this like 900 times on Google Chrome and didn't work, but it worked in Safari.
Also, now you know that I spent a lot of time playing a game clearly made for children. :)

Katie Lewis said...

Thanks! Anddd you just saved me a lot of time because I was about to try on google chrome!

amberly said...

I got sorted into Hufflepuff...I was initially disappointed until I realized that it actually really reflected who I am more than any of the other houses. My sisters make fun of me like crazy for it.

Sara said...

I'm in Ravenclaw also. It definitely shows my personality. I've always been described as quirky, love books (specifically children's books) and teach special ed. This test is awesome. Thanks for sharing!

ritabobita said...

Hufflepuff! Every other Sorting Hat quiz has placed me in Gryffindor.

Jena said...

I love and adore your nerdiness. I am a ravenclaw. WOOT WOOT!

Emily said...

I'm a Ravenclaw also :-) And a fellow Harry Potter nerd!

MARCIE said...

So glad you all got sorted out. Hilarious!