Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Honey Bee Actions SALE

Merry Christmas! Because it's the season of giving, I have a gift for you. The Honey Bee Actions, which are a set of 25 actions for Photoshop are ON SALE, now through the end of the year.

These 25 actions are normally 35$ but are on sale for 25$, and include an extra five actions from my soon-to-be-published-Action-set-TWO.

So, just in case you're unclear, instead of getting 25 actions for 35$, you can get 30 actions for 25$.
(I'm starting to feel like the guy in those annoying car ads, so enough with the words, here are some pictures to convince you.)

Here are some (possibly disgusting) pictures of my boy eating a banana. They were all taken within the space of about a minute, so you can see how the different actions all affect (essentially) the same photo:

(Unedited, Straight-out-of-camera)

To see more examples of the Actions, and to read a bit more about them, check out their Info Page {HERE}

Here are some examples of the extra five actions, two of my favorites Cooties, and Duck Pond.

Unfortunately these actions cannot be used with Lightroom, Photoshop Elements, or other editing software, only Photoshop.
But if you feel like buying these actions and then also buying Photoshop to use them, it's probably worth it. :)

If you can't quite convince yourself to spend the money, here's something to help you: Later this (or possibly next) week, Brittany will be hosting a Honey Bee  Action Giveaway on {Her Blog} - so if you buy the Actions and then WIN the giveaway, I will refund your money.
How's that?
Extra Actions.
Chance of refund.
Too good to miss, sister.

To buy your set of actions, click below or visit my Honey Bee Actions Page on this blog {HERE}

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Amanda said...

What if I have your actions from before, but possibly want the new five? (because your other actions are so great!)