Monday, January 28, 2013

Photo a Day: Jan 20 - 26

I didn't realize how long this week had been until I looked at my pictures. Mary was here this week? It feels like a month ago! The boys were sick on Thursday? This Thursday?
Travis traveled a little in the middle of the week, on Monday we had a Martin-Luther-King day treat, and went to the aquarium with my in-laws, and I made a lot of bread. But there aren't any pictures of that. Sorry. Instead you get pictures of what the week really felt like: Bumming around our own house to avoid the ice blizzards outside and staying in sweats and pjs almost every day. 
Spring time,  feel free to join us anytime now. 

Sunday Jan 20: Micah and Aunt Mary read a story. // Monday Jan 21: Having a brother can be hard. 

Tuesday Jan 22: Poor sick Grey gets the iPad all day. // Wednesday Jan 23: Micah still hasn't managed to do this when he's supposed to be sleeping, only when we're playing! Keep your fingers crossed for us!

Thursday Jan 24: Still sick at our house, so we spent the day snuggling and reading books - including our new favorite, "Cheer Up, Mouse!" by Jed Henry. // Friday Jan 25: Micah is happy to be in the tub.

Saturday Jan 26: Micah, playing some basketball.

Maybe the week feels like it's been dragging on because I have so many good things to look forward soon. I should be getting the pictures back from our date with {this amazing woman and photographer} this week.
Our family will be heading to AZ to escape the winter and party with all of my extended family in T-minus 17 days! I can't wait for the boys to meet everyone, especially their great, great grandpa. We'll have five generations there!
And the boys are turning two in less than a month and half. I know that seems far-away, but I want to start planning a birthday party for them! Now that they actually have their own friends, it's going to be a whole different experience than last year!

What are you guys looking forward to? And is anyone interested in guest posting for me while I'm in AZ? Please email me at, I'm looking for some content! The last time that I had a series of guest-posts was during my pregnancy! Seems like it's time to try again.

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