Friday, March 8, 2013


I forgot that springtime is so dirty. The boys get up in the morning and pull their boots on before breakfast, and the moment they finish eating, they run to the door.
"Coat? Hat? Outside?" They ask a checklist before I crack open the door and they tumble out before I have even found my clothes, let alone showered. Then they dig, they jump in puddles, they throw dirty icy snow at me, they sit in timeout, they inexplicably convince each other to eat shovelfuls of dirt and then crack up at each other spitting mud into the grass. They chase ants and spiders around the driveway, screaming at the top of their lungs, "BAG! BAG! BAG!" (Because that's how they say bug.)
They beg to hang from the limbs of trees, they request walks in the stroller, they chase our neighbor's cat down the block, half-crying as they scream and wave, "Bye bye, Kitty! Bye Kitty!"

And when we finally come inside the house, they refuse to remove their rainboots (they want to wear them to bed) and clomp around leaving little piles of mud everywhere. And when I take off their boots by force, a quarter cup of sand per boot gets poured on to the floor and I just stare at it.
Sometimes I leave it there for a while.

I've only been sweeping our entire house two or three times a day this week, but it doesn't seem to be cutting it. I've only been doing two or three loads of laundry a day this week, but somehow all their clothes are still muddy. I've only been taking 1,000,000 pictures of the boys outside every day but it's just not enough.
And I'm using the word only facetiously. (Which I correctly spelled by myself, and feel pretty proud of.)

But, come rain and mud and last fall's leaves and a resurgence of bugs, this spring is more than welcome.
And I highly suggest that the weather doesn't take a turn and drop the snow that my weather app is promising. Or else the sky might just get a punch to its face.

P.S. are you in love with my new header, because I am. So much better. I don't know why my old header was always all blurry. Plus these new pictures are a little springier.

P.P.S. Remember when I posted that my keyboard on the laptop is broken? It's STILL broken. I've been writing all these posts ON MY PHONE, WITH MY THUMBS and emailing them to myself and then posting from the computer.
Seriously. Dedication.

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Krystle said...

yes love the new header.

boys are dirty. they will always be dirty...its a mantra. haha

Brittany H said...

I love love love the new header.

Sally said...

Your boys are so cute! New follower :)) Excited to catch up on your life (aka blog stalk you a while :)))