Tuesday, March 26, 2013


Some conversations as of late:

Travis: Should I just keep growing my hair until it's long?
Becky: No.
Travis: No?
Becky: No, thank you.
Travis: Why?!
Becky: Because of the way it would look...And the way it would look is dumb.
Travis: Yeah, that's true. Okay.

*Even though it's crazy and our kids are crazy, and did I mention CRAZY? I've been feeling pretty baby-hungry lately. I constantly try to subtly convince Travis it's time for another. Like below.**

Becky: Oftentimes, I want to do things just for the pictures. But it ends up being worth it.

Travis: Like what?
Becky: Um, like cloth diapers. I wanted them because they're so cute, but they turned out to be awesome otherwise. We saved money and the environment. Or like, going on hikes in the fall. I just wanted fall family pictures, but it was a fun activity.
Travis: Yeah, okay. That makes sense. I decided I do a film about ice climbing because I thought the footage would be sweet, but it turns out that it's crazy cool and fun to ice climb, and now I want to go all the time!
Becky: Exactly! So all these pictures of my friends' newborns cuddling with their older toddlers makes me want to have a cute baby to take pictures of. Sweet pictures of the boys and their new baby!
Travis: That probably would be pretty cute...
Becky: And it would totally be worth it. In fact, afterward I bet you'd be like, "The pictures are so cute, but I love this baby in its own right! It was totally worth it!"
Travis: I suspect that's true, but...

Travis: My feet are cold. ARGH! What is that? Bark? Off a tree?!

Becky: No! Those are my feet, I was trying to help warm you up!
Travis: Don't! I'd rather be cold! Why do your feet feel like that? You're a monster!

Becky: Grey, did you pee on the floor?
Grey: Yes!
Becky: Are you supposed to pee on the floor or IN THE POTTY?
Grey: Floor?
Becky: NO. You're supposed to pee... in the... 
Grey: Undies.
Becky: POTTY. You should pee in the potty! In the toilet!
Grey: Hmmm.
Becky: Should you pee in the potty?
Grey: NO!
Becky: YES. IN THE POTTY. NOT IN YOUR UNDIES. DO NOT PEE IN YOUR UNDIES. Should you pee in your undies?
Grey: Yes?

Travis: Um. Have you shaved recently?

Becky: Not VERY recently, why?
Travis: No reason.
Becky: Why? You can feel the hair on my legs or something?
Travis: Well, yes.
Becky: It can't be that bad!
Travis: They feel like bear legs. Or.... Sheep legs. They're all rough and fuzzy and-
Becky: Wait, this? This is what you feel?
Travis: Yes! Gross, stop!
Becky: I'M WEARING WOOL SOCKS. Those are socks! Not my legs! 
Travis: Oh. I guess that makes sense.
Becky: You thought my feel were covered in wooly hobbit hair?
Travis: I did. I wasn't even surprised. Just grossed out.

Mom: Your Dad was like, "Hallelujah! Jack is normal!"
Me: Haha, were you worried about that?
Mom: No, we just thought he was like you, you know. 

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The Kynastons said...

Okay, I rarely comment on blogs but your hairy legs/wool socks conversation literally made me laugh out loud. And I'm in bed all sick and pathetic today, so a good laugh was just what I needed! Thanks. :)

The Jacksons said...

You should have a new baby. Because, really, there's nothing much cuter than your toddler(s) with their baby brother/sister. I hope you can convince Travis soon!

Krystle said...

I seriously laughed OUT LOUD reading this.

yeah, have more babies. twin girls preferably. thanks.

Polly said...

The conversation about where we go potty is all to familiar. Your dad had that same conversation with Mary when she was 2 and she kept saying "in the corner" so good luck with that Becky!

Emily said...

Reading this was possibly the best the way to start my day EVER! You guys are hysterical! And I'm glad I'm not the only one who has conversations like that with my husband.

MARCIE said...

The potty conversation was totally Mary! Hobit legs! You guys are so funny!