Friday, April 5, 2013

How to have a Good weekend:

Sometimes, I kind of regret the blogposts that I write. I do regret the blogpost that I wrote two days ago. I don't really regret the sentiment, I agree with what I tried to say: that everyone is too concerned with being right, and being offended and no one is concerned about the feelings and happiness of people they love- including themselves. But that's not really how I expressed it, is it? Instead, I let myself also get offended, by all the offending.

And I know that being offended is a choice, and very few things are worth making that decision over.
I especially regret that blogpost in the light of today, because first I want to convince you that I am a happy person, and then I want to convince you that you should take my advice on how to be happy.
But that's a little harder to believe in the light of such a recent negative post.

But today, I wanted to say something nicer. Today is one of the best weekends of the year in our house, and I want to invite you to have a nice weekend too.
First, let me make you a promise. A real one:
If you've had one of those weeks - you know the kind: your patience has run thin, your school or work is overwhelming, your kids are sick or inexplicably naughty, you feel lonely or abandoned, upset, annoyed, tired, frustrated - if you've had one of those weeks, I know the cure.
Maybe it won't make your troubles vanish, but listening to General Conference this weekend will certainly give you renewed strength, hope, and happiness.
So, what is General Conference? Twice a year, members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints (aka Mormons) gather and listen to talks from our church leaders, and since the church consists of millions of people around the world, the conference is broadcast to all. But, it really isn't just that.
I can't even express how wonderful and uplifting it can be.

Here's why it's so wonderful: because the leader of the church is not just a wise, adorable old man (although he is that.) He is a prophet of God. Just as God's church through the ages has been led by prophets, (Adam, Noah, John the Baptist, etc), so it is today - and just as the prophets of old have counciled the world about specific troubles, grief, and hardships of the time- so does the prophet today.
And, I know (from prior experience) that all of the talks will focus on bringing you and your family closer together and closer to Christ. They will encourage you to find peace and happiness, to serve and love those around you, to be a better husband, wife, sister, parent, daughter, friend, and person.
And who couldn't use that?

So whether or not you believe that Thomas S. Monson is actually a prophet, I encourage you to take a while this weekend to relax and listen to conference. Allow yourself to be uplifted.
And even if you're not Christian, Mormon, or even if you don't believe that God exists - I sincerely encourage you to listen and see for yourself.
If you are interested in doing so, here's a bit more information, and how and when you can watch or listen:

There are two two-hour sessions on each Saturday and Sunday, each session consists of prayer, singing hymns (by the very well-known Mormon Tabernacle Choir), and talks by church leaders. The talks are between 5-20 minutes each, and the speakers are not given topics to discuss, but decide themselves what to say and talk about.
So, if you want to, you really can listen for anywhere from 5 minutes to 8 hours.
On Saturday and Sunday from 10am-12pm and from 2pm-4pm (MDT).
And you can do it anywhere you have the Internet, just head to {this link} for live streaming.

Or {go here} to listen to or read past talks.

There is a lot of misinformation about the Mormon church. Lots of people, (sometimes even members of the church!) aren't quite sure what the church teaches about many things. We are accused of hatred, many people don't believe that we are Christian, people have even told me that I have been brainwashed and tricked by the prophet.

I encourage you to Come and See for yourself. If you want to know more, indulge in curiosity, and see if the rumors are true: there's no better way to learn than go to the source.
And if you're having one of those weeks (or months, or years), I really do promise that nothing will make you feel better like listening to men and women of God encourage and uplift you- it's a perfect way to follow up Easter.

As a side note, I've recently tried to read a talk from past conferences every day as part of my scripture-study (which really means, I read talks 3-4 times a week. Ah well, I'm working on it.) But I have discovered so many gems and wonderful talks in the last few months!
If any of you have favorite talks from the past, leave me the name or link in the title and I would love to read them!

And for those of you curious about what this weekend will hold, here are some of my very favorite talks from the past:

Creativity is an inherited quality from our Heavenly Father, by Dieter F. Uctdorf: Happiness, Your Heritage
On being happy, even in times of trouble, by Neal A. Maxwell: Be of Good Cheer
Advice on having a happy marriage, by Gordon B. Hinkley: Except the Lord Build the House
You have a responsibility to do good in the world, by D. Todd Christofferson: Brethren, We have Work to Do
We demonstrate our love of God through service to others, by Jeffery R. Holland: The First Great Commandment

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The Jacksons said...

My favorite is:
Neal A Maxwell - The Women of God

tammy said...

I don't think you should have any regrets for writing your feelings on your blog. Life isn't always rosey. Don't worry about other people's opinion of you or your blog if you do it won't be good anymore.