Monday, April 22, 2013

Photo a Day - April 14 - 20

This week has been long and kind of pathetic. Every one has taken turns being sick, the weather has been dreary and miserable, and it's been kind of bleh. And yet, the pictures from this week make it look lovely, bright, and happy at our house. 
I accept. 

Sun April 14: The boys love snuggling with Aunt Mary. // Mon April 15: Grey likes to have a cup of juice and a cup of milk on him at all times.

 Tues April 16: Garlic rolls with dinner. // Wed April 17: Micah's working at the computer.

Thurs April 18: Grey and Micah. What do you think? They're pretty easy to tell apart now aren't they?

Fri April 19: Micah and Grandpa, looking at a bug. // Sat April 20: Travis looked like this when he got home from an afternoon mountain biking!

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1 comment:

mylittlehome6 said...

Those rolls look delicious! I bookmarked your recipes for bread but seems they end up really dense and kind of dry. Maybe its the while wheat flour which is my guess. Could you post the recipe for the rolls? We loooove garlic in this house :)