Thursday, April 18, 2013

Two Years

A lot can happen in two years. 
Seriously. A lot. 

Every few months, I feel like the boys make huge leaps ahead in their growth. 
I can handle and survive consistant growing, but those surprising grown-up moments tend to hit me hard. Looking through these pictures, I can see exactly where each growth spurt fell. 

There was one here, between four months and five months:

And here, between 7 and 8 months:

Here, between 11 months and a year:

And then, suddenly, the hugest leap of all, between 16 and 17 months:

And again. Right now. I feel like they're little people to a whole new extent. They don't really look that much taller and older, but they do things that shock me. Like, Micah: eating a hotdog in it's bun. Eating it like a real person! I saw his life flash before my eyes, suddenly he was a second-grader at a baseball game.
Or Grey murmuring under his breath, "Coat, hot." Then unzipping his coat himself and taking it off. I mean... are you a 12 year old or something?

Oh my, how time flies.

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Heidi Greaves said...

Cute! My twin boys just turned one on Tuesday so it's fun to think about what they'll be like in another year.

Sarah said...

Super cute pictures! I LOVE the picture of the boys in their navy reindeer sweaters! It is a wonderful shot!!!

Your boys are adorable.

tammy said...

Love this! So cute!

MARCIE said...

And we love every stage!

Bethany G said...

I love that picture of you holding both of them so much. A gem!