Tuesday, June 11, 2013


Today while Grey was happily working on filling the kiddie pool with sand (Sorry, Elizabeth!) I was distracted by this little boy. Oh, my Micah. My child that frustrates me the most, but who I understand the best. The boy like his mama.
My little heart.
While his brother is often content to work or play alone, Micah is like me. He doesn't want alone time. He wants Mama time. Daddy time. Grey time. He'd rather lie under the tree, with his head in my lap, than splash in the kiddie pool. He'd rather sit on his Dad's lap at dinner than be a "big boy" in his own chair.  He is impatient and wiggly, easily frustrated.

 He is silly and smart, constantly reminding us of what we did and who we saw. He can go quickly from playful and crazy to thoughtful and still, allowing me to catch all these different emotions in a manner of minutes.  When he is good, he is very very good. (And when he is bad, he is horrid.)

He gets unbelievably pathetic when he is sick or his Dad is traveling (didn't I tell you that we're the same?), but understands well when other people are sad too, and will hug and kiss us anytime we seem down.
He wraps his arms around his brother, or rubs his back and whispers, "Alright, brother? Love you. Sorry, Grey. Love you. "

When Micah hurts someone, he is quick to apologize and expects immediate forgiveness, but likewise - when he is upset, he accepts Sorrys and moves on instantly. No need to rehash past hurts.

He wants to make us smile, and spends a lot of time perfecting silly noises and faces to make us laugh. He shows off for his brother by spitting milk, catching bugs, and being as delightfully naughty as he thinks he can get away with - and the reward is always Grey laughing, or yelling "You did it!"

This little man. He cries when trains rush by, waving "Bye, bye choo-choo. Went away," and clasps his hands over his mouth to stifle the cutest giggles of delight at the sight of a bird or neighboring cat.
Just writing this post, and thinking about how much I love him made me cry.
So yeah. He's my little mini-me. My Micah boy.

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Unknown said...

It is very clear how much you love your boys! Just reading it made my eyes water. Very very sweet!

Elizabeth said...

I love this and I love this kid! I like that you wrote an exclusively Micah post, can we expect a Grey one?