Monday, June 24, 2013

Photo A Day: Jun 16 - 22

I recently read a quote that said that motherhood is a time of long day and short years. That's how I feel always. Every night at 9:30, I about collapse in bed thinking, "This was the longest day of my life," and looking at the pictures of the week, I think "This week was too long," and yet, somehow, it's all too quick. Was Father's Day already over a week ago? But that would mean that June is almost over and it only just became May! My grandparents came for four days, but they're already gone. They just got here? How did those days manage to feel so long and yet race by in the blink of an eye?
Time is a funny thing, and little boys always wake up a day older. 

Sun June 16: We spent Father's Day with Travis' parents this year (as we have every year since the boys have been born.) I just love those Pitcher boys.

 Mon June 17: Micah and Elanor, snuggling together for warmth after a brash dip in a chilly pool.

Tues June 18: Grey and Mama. We love each other.

Wed June 19: Micah loves to read about Trains. // Thurs June 20: Grey on the trampoline. (Also, I've been putting my kids in those  striped shirts literally every other day. I guess I the boys have a style.

Fri June 21: My grandpa arrived in Utah with handmade Monster Trucks for the boys! // Sat June 22: And the boys love them.

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1 comment:

MARCIE said...

I cannot get over the beautiful things Roger makes. He is amazing! So nice they could visit you. I love that photo of Travis and his Dad and the boys. Really wonderful. And your other photos as well. Child in mid-air on tramp is so cool! Love you!