Monday, July 22, 2013

Photo a Day: July 7 - 20

You may have noticed that, because I didn't post last Monday,  I didn't ever share that week's photos. So here are two weeks at once! A week in Nevada and a week at home. The week in Nevada was a perfect week. The kind of week that makes you rejoice in summer. Crawdads, fishings, swimming, and sunshine. But this last week... BLEH! It's been the kind of week that makes you wish it was fall. 
Too hot. No lakes. It's even too hot to grill, so you start to get this hungry feeling that comes of eating lettuce two days in a row. 
(Try to avoid eating lettuce two days in a row. It's the worst.) 
We have to get up nice and early to play outside, and by afternoon we're homebound just as much as during winter. I'm not braving 102 degree weather with my fair boys, especially if I don't have a body of water to take refuge in! Luckily, Target has all their school supplies out (talk about wishful-Fall-thinking!) so this morning we bought crayons and paints and left-handed scissors and can entertain ourselves for a while inside. 

Sun July 7: My sister Katie and I gave each other make overs. // Mon July 8: In a borrowed bike trailer.

 Tues July 9: Hello Crawdad Friend. Welcome to our net.

 Wed July 10: Watching their bobber.

Thurs July 11: Have you ever see such a handsome 15 year old?

Fri July 12: Grey and Grandpa. // Sat July 13: Micah finally got a digger! He takes it to bed with him.

 Sun July 14: Grey dangerously paints while wearing church clothes. // Mon July 15: Grey and Daddy in Lake Tahoe.

 Tues July 16: Home again, and look who was there to meet us? Baby Finn, our chubbiest nephew! // Wed July 17: Micah and Elanor, reading books and sucking thumbs.

Thurs July 18: Cooling off with the hose.

Fri July 19: Early morning snuggles and Winnie the Pooh. // Sat July 20: A visit to the farm.

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Casey said...

Looks divine in Nevada!