Monday, September 2, 2013

Photo a Day: August 25 - 31

Hello, September. 
I can't help it. I know that September in Utah is very much like August in Utah, and August in Utah is unbearably hot, but I want it to be fall. Are you getting sick of me saying that yet?
Semptember! Be fall! 
In two weeks, our little family is loading up on a plane in the middle of the night (who thought 1am was a good choice?) and flying to Virginia for two weeks. (Anyone in Virginia Beach wanna playdate?)
I'm so excited to go, even in hurricane season, because I'm quite certain that it will be more autumny there than here. And of course, I'm excited to see my grandparents and have a fun little vacation with the boys while Travis abandons us for something that I probably think is boring/stupid. 
Anyhow. more pictures of dumptrucks, farms, and mountains. 
You know the drill, I guess. 
Oh, and Happy Labor Day. Today the water parks close, which is unbearable since Travis and I bought season passes to the park here and never even redeemed them or went a single time. Oops. 
Ah well, what can I say? I prefer a lake to a spinny slide full of lukewarm, probably-peed-in chorlinated water. Am I to blame?

Sun Aug 25: Micah loves dump trucks.

 Mon Aug 26: Dreaming on the farm.

Tues Aug 27: This snail. We did not touch him. He grossed all of us out. // Wed Aug 28: Someday we'll look at this picture and go, "Oh my gosh! Remember iPhones? How funny!" Probably when we all have feeds directly into our brains.

 Thurs Aug 29: Reading one of our favorite books, a thrift store find (which is kind of confusing, but has lovely, poemlike text and pictures of trains and animals) called The Owl who Became the Moon.

Fri Aug 30: Painting. // Sat Aug 31: Just screaming at the mountains.

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1 comment:

Amanda said...

I love your photos. Don't ever stop doing photo posts!!! I keep wanting to post photos of every day things so I can look back and smile, but I never do.

Also, you're probably on Pinterest, because who isn't? And I think you should now try making clothes... and there are a lot on Pinterest... Only because I want to copy you and haven't yet had the courage to do so :D