Monday, November 25, 2013

Photo a Day: Nov 17 - 23

Happy week of Thanksgiving, my friends!
I don't have much to add, today, except this: I am so grateful for the things in these pictures. My family, my home, happiness, and the preservation of these memories.
So much to be thankful for! Hope that your week is pumped full of all the lovely things you're grateful for.
 Walking home from church is fun when you're "tall like Daddy!" //  Pretending they're asleep.

Micah and his digger are cleaning up our leafy-yard.

 Grey and Micah paint a picture.

Grey likes to swing in the hammock, even when it's crunchy with frost! // Micah watches his daddy leave for work in the outfit he picked out for the day.

Frosty, chilly, winter week... I wish you came with snow! (Also, the date is mislabeled. Just noticed. Don't care enough to fix it....)

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