Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Home Tour {Part One}

I love seeing other people's homes. Especially people who are real and messy, and cluttered and not fancy. (Aka: people like me.)
Yesterday I was far too busy cleaning my house like a boss to write a blog post. 
As a side note: while I meticulously cleaned and photographed the bedrooms of our home, my living room was being destroyed. Also, in general, it's messy.

Since my house was clean and recently painted, I decided to take some pictures- even though there are still so many things about our rooms that don't feel quite "finished."
Do you feel that way? Like, because there's not a mirror hanging above Grey's bed (like I hope there one day will be), the room isn't ready to be preserved in photo-memory?
I know that someday I will want these pictures regardless of lack of mirrors. I love seeing pictures of other places I've lived.

Here is the boys' room:

They each have a twin-sized bed with cozy homemade quilts on them. Obviously I'm biased towards the quilts, since I made them, but they're my favorite part of their room!

 They have a dresser between their beds which usually has a stack of their current favorite books on it.

 The book shelf on the other side of the room is filled half with toys and books and half with diapers and blankets.

Ever since we painted their room and put them in "big boy beds" a few weeks ago, the boys are so proud of their room. Every time someone comes over, they're pulled back to the bedrooms and given a tour.
And don't touch the walls. Micah will explain to you they are covered in wet paint.
Which they aren't. Obviously.

And here is our bedroom. We recently painted the walls, and I love how cozy and homey our room looks with gray walls and a patchwork quilt on the bed.

After Travis painted, I rearranged the location of all the photos in our room, and haven't figured out what to put everywhere. I do love the new addition of the boys' handprint art, though!
Oh, and a messy bookcase. See how things like prenatal vitamins are kept at the top when three year olds can't reach them? Also, Micah's gun. Which was confiscated after he aimed it at me and said, "I can shoot people like my Mom."

This little corner is my favorite thing in our room, even though our cheap mirror is propped up on a file box. That little dresser belonged to my great-grandmother. Draped over it is a cheese-cloth that Travis brought me from Stockholm on a recent work-trip. There is a picture of Travis and me at Mount Rushmore, which was a roadtrip we took together when we were dating, a picture of all four of us brushing our teeth (it's silly, but that's why I like it), and two little carved elephants that say BECKY and TRAVIS who are kissing over Africa, which a man in Kenya carved for us one fine morning on the beach after we were newly married.  The handprint art is so bright and sweet and reminds me of how cute and little the boys are.

Our room isn't perfect. I wish we had more pictures up. I wish there was bunting everywhere, because Pinterest has convinced me that bunting is sometimes cute and not always tacky.
I wish out wedding certificate was still hanging up, but some little child broke the frame, so it's tucked away somewhere.
I wish there were curtains on the windows instead of cheap plastic blinds. I wish that I didn't have to move a gigantic pile of unopened Christmas packages from Amazon around the room while I took pictures, because I didn't want them in the pictures.
(I can't open any boxes and wrap things in Christmas paper. Then everything would immediately be unwrapped and played with. They need to stay in their un-intriguing brown cardboard boxes.)
But really.
I love our room. I love the boys' room. And I love our little home. It's such a bright, happy place.
Sure, it's usually messy. It's almost always extremely noisy. It's cluttered, and busy, and too full for five people.
But I don't mind. Because it's home. And it's a happy place.

As soon as my living room gets a good cleaning, I'll do a part two of the home-tour.  You will never, ever see my bathroom - so don't get your hopes up.
But maybe, maybe someday I'll show you my tiny, cluttered kitchen.

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Polly said...

Your house looks adorable. By the way the darling little dresser was your great great grandma's. It was Baba Lou's mom's dresser but Baba Lou had it and filled it with costume jewelry. I love it too!

Sonja said...

I love your house tour! We just recently added curtains in our bedroom and it made the biggest change ever. I finally feel like that room is finished.
Love that you have pictures everywhere

Anonymous said...

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MARCIE said...

Ha ha, I get spam from Aman (above)all the time.
You have done darling things with your home. I wish I had pictures of our first home. Look at your quilt shelf! And your darling bed quilts!

Angela D said...

I like the simplicity of your home. You have great style. Those quilts are great! It's probably good you don't have the mirror above his bed though, since that's not earthquake-safe. It's unfortunate - there is so much more we could do above beds if we didn't have to think about stuff falling on our heads. :P