Monday, December 23, 2013

Photo a Day: Dec 15 -21

This week was the perfect Christmas prelude. Most days were snowy, with fat, fluffy snowflakes falling throughout the day. We made cookies, and watched movies, and played in the snow when it wasn't too cold. I'm glad that I did almost all my Christmas shopping online and early, so I didn't have to run many errands. We just got to stay home, or visit friends and family. 
It was a happy week. I'm excited for this week, too. I suspect it will be perfect. 

Sunday: Outside my bedroom window is a winter wonderland.

Monday: Little boys with handsome new haircuts.

Tuesday: Daddy taught the boys to make snow angels.

Another from Tuesday, because Micah was killing it with cuteness. // Wednesday: Grey and Grandpa.

 Thursday: Grey found his way into Narnia.

Friday: My handsome husband. I love his profile, and the happy crinkles around his eyes are my favorite. // Saturday: Shoveling snow is job for the men!

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