Thursday, January 2, 2014

Conversations With Two-Year Olds:

The boys tease Travis and me, by calling Travis "Honey," which they think is hilarious. Sometimes I'll say, "Honey, can you help me in the kitchen?" And the boys will spend the next fifteen minutes saying, "Honey, come here. Honey, I need your help. Honey, where is your hat?"
But they love to call people by their names. They never just say, "Watch this!" Or "What's that?" It's always, "Watch this, Grandpa Mike!" And "What's that, Mom?"
So being here with family is so funny! Everyone has a label and a name, Grandma Marcie, Aunt Moony, Grandpa Jim, and the boys are always sure to use both said labels and names.
And, they are constantly telling me and each other to stop talking. I deny that I do this! I do tell them to stop whining, or remind them that they don't need to say something 15 times, but I don't think I say "Don't talk about it!" Or "Stop talking now!" But they say both those things all day long! Hmm. They must have learned it somewhere...:
Here are some other funny things my little men have said this week:

Me: Did you have fun swimming with Daddy?
Grey: No. I not like it.
Me: I don't believe it. Was your Daddy silly?
Grey: Yes. Daddy jumped from waaaaay up high into the water, while you were napping.

Grey: Micah is silly!
Me: You guys are both so silly!
Grey: No, Mom. I not silly. You not silly. Micah silly.

Travis: Uh oh, Micah. Are you tooting?
Micah: I'm not tooting! I'm just big-farting!

Travis: Do you want to play a game with me?
Grey: Mmhmm.
Travis: Okay, what should we play?
Grey: Cat.
Travis: A game with a cat? Or is one of us a cat?
Grey: You a cat. Now don't talk, Dad. Cats don't talk.

Micah: Sit up, please. Hey! Make your back taller, put your head up taller.

Micah: I'm a doctor.
Me: Doctor who?
Micah: No. Doctor Boy.

Micah: Let's see you blood pressure.
(An impressive word he learned while playing with Grandma's Doctor kit.)
Me: Wow, okay. Is it good or bad?
Micah: Bad. You're sick.
Me: What should I do?
Micah: I look in your ears. Oooh, full of dirt.
Me: Is that why I'm sick?
Micah: Yep. I'll clean them and give you medicine. Now you're all better.

Me: Are you guys ready to go get some lunch?
Grey: Yes! I want red pop!
Me: Red pop for lunch?
Grey: Yes! Red pop and popcorn for lunch.

Grey: Mom! Grey is being bossy!
Me: Grey is? But you're Grey!
Grey: NO!
Micah: Are you a big boy?
Grey: Yes.
Micah: I a big boy, too!

Grey: You being bossy to me?
Micah: No, I'm being nice!
Grey: No, I AM being nice!
Micah: Please don't talk to me again.
Grey: I want to.
Micah: No.
Grey: Mom, Micah's going Ni-night.
Micah: I not going Ni-night. I awake.
Grey: No. Go to sleep.
Micah: You being bossy to me?
Grey: I being nice.
Micah: No. You are bossy. I am nice.
Grey: You are bossy, and I am nice. Don't talk.
Micah: You don't talk.

Grey: Jelly fish!
Me: Jelly fish?
Grey: Please don't talk about it.

Travis: We're going to go get milkshakes.
Micah: I not like milkshakes.
Travis: WHAT?!
Micah: I just like milk more.
Grey: I like milkshakes and I like milk!

**Driving by a cattle farm**
Micah: Oh, PU! Stinky!
Travis: What does it smell like?
Micah: My feet!

Mary: Do you love me?
Micah: Yes.
Mary: Who else do you love?
Micah: Um, Daddy.
Mary: And who else?
Micah: Daddy
Me: And me?
Micah: I not love you, because you are bossy.

Grey: I not sick or being a monster. I just have a lot of burps in my mouth.

Grey: A baby is flying that plane!
Me: That's silly!
Grey: It is silly! Babies not know how to fly!

Me: Eat your food. Put it in your mouth, so it can go to your belly.
Micah: But then it will turn into poop!

Grey: It's me, Grey!
Me: I know, honey. Who else could you be?
Grey: Micah. But I'm not.

Micah: Mom, you are naughty.
Me: No, I'm not! What did I do?
Micah: You pushed me!
Me: No, I didn't.
Micah: And then a naughty puppy POOPED on me!
Me: What!?
Micah: Yes. A puppy pooped on me. I have poop ALL OVER.
ME: It sounds like you need a bath.
Micah: I do. Yes.

Grey: No!
Micah: Yes!
Grey: No!
Micah: Hey Grey? You saying No?
Grey: Yes.
Micah: Oh. Okay. No!
Grey: No, also!

Micah: Stop it. You're not happy. You're dying.

Me: You're silly!
Micah: I was borned silly!
Grey: I was borned silly, too!

Grey: I made a big mess!
Micah: That IS quite the mess!

Micah: I put my shoes myself! I totally did it!

Me: The temple here is special, because it's where Grandma Polly and Grandpa Chris went to become a family.
Micah: And me! And Grey!
Me: That's right, you're part of our big family! Who else?
Grey: Daddy, Aunt Moony.
Micah: Uncle Jack, and Grandpa Mike.
Me: And Grandpa Jim?
Micah: No. Not Grandpa Jim.
Grey: Mom, is Grandpa Jim Jesus?

Micah: I'm not a doctor.
Mary: You're not? What will I do if I get sick then?
Micah: Probably die.

Grey: Is this your shower?
Me: It's grandma's shower.
Grey: Hmm. Will you buy it?
Me: No.
Grey: Is Daddy living in here?
Me: No. Your dad doesn't live in here.
Grey: Oh. Where is he again?

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Lisa said...

My favorite one:

Grey: It's me, Grey!
Me: I know, honey. Who else could you be?
Grey: Micah. But I'm not.

love you so much!

Alissa Moghtaderi said...

Micah and Grey are obsessed with bossiness and naughtiness! Those are common themes in this series.

Your boys say a lot more silly things than my boys do. I started making notes of funny or endearing things my boys say, and it's not very long. Miles and Elliott are very frank and matter-of-fact, even when they are pretending. "Maman, I am the SR-71 Blackbird! I have fire coming out of my rocket engines!" Okay, yes, fair enough.

They do try to label things with their names, though. "This is MY truck. It says E-L-L-I-O-T-T on it. It does NOT say M-I-L-E-S." That's pretty funny. Apparently they think we have to write our names on things to really own them.