Tuesday, April 22, 2014


As a mom, Easter is quickly making its way to the top of my favorite holidays. It doesn't have quite the lead-up that Christmas has. But I can't deny that I love the spring time, the beautiful photo-enhancing light, and the fact that I can spend like 10$ instead of 100$ and my kids are just as delighted in the morning.
We had so much fun dying eggs the night before Easter that we ended up coloring THREE DOZEN eggs. And I realized that even though Pinterest had about one million cool egg-dying ideas, my kids were delighted and satisfied with regular ol' Paas dye. In fact, we probably would have all been frustrated and disappointed by anything more complicated. I am so often reminded that simple isn't just simpler. It's usually better, too. So Happy Easter, from our family to yours.

And some from Sunday. Man, I've got some cute kids. 

 My current trick for getting smiling pictures is to say, "Show me your teeth!" which is why these pictures aren't quite their real smiles. You know... I find I don't mind.

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Marge Bjork said...

those teeth-showing expressions are classic