Thursday, April 3, 2014

Mike and Moony

Tomorrow, my little sister Mary is getting married. I don't get to be there because she's getting married in California and I'm eight months pregnant, so both a plane ride and a long drive are out of question. (I'm actually headed home today from Nevada! Pray I don't go into labor in the middle of the Salt Flats, okay?)

So I'm a little heart broken about it. I wish that I could be with my sister tomorrow on one of the most important days of her life to support her and share in the love and excitement that come with a wedding.
But since I can't be there to be the self-righteous and all-knowing older sister that she always accuses me of being, I have some wise words of advice for my girl and her fiancé.
This is the advice that Dad gave me about marriage:
Find your soul mate. Fall madly in love. Stay that way forever.

So far, so good. Here's to forever, Mary!
I love you.

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1 comment:

Brittany H said...

If she's moony, who does that make you? Prongs?