Monday, May 5, 2014

Photo a Day: April 27 - May 3

I may not have lots of time for writing blog posts (I'm using all my spare time to take naps), but that's not keeping me from taking a ridiculous amount of pictures. I'm so grateful for all the help we've been given this week from our friends and family! After spending a few days with his Grandma Pitcher, Micah asked if he could live with her instead of us. At least we know that they're happy when they're away! 
Grey actually broke his collarbone on Thursday, so even with all the help- this week has been kind of crazy. He was so pathetic for the first two days after breaking his bone that I was sure I'd have two whiney babies to take care of - but now he's toughed it up and decided that he can take it in stride. Thank goodness for toddlers who take everything in stride. I feel so lucky to have such good boys!

Sunday: A boys' walk after church. // Monday: Micah loves to snuggle with his Grandma Pitcher.

Tuesday: Grey loves Baby August.

Wednesday: Okay. We all love Baby August. // Thursday: I'm glad that they have each other.

 Friday: My little sister Katie with Grey and August.

August James. Sometimes he looks like his brothers.

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Amanda said...

Oh I hope Grey's collarbone heals super fast, broken bones are no fun at all. You sure do have three gorgeous little boys!

Nana B said...

those lips with the pointy hearts is like their grandpa and uncles when they were little. His eyes look almost brown already, really dark so maybe they will stay that way and not be blue, also the darker hair is awesome, it would be nice if it would stay dark. He is so precious, can't wait to hold him, Grandma Pitcher is so lucky to live close by.