Wednesday, July 16, 2014

A Serious Overload of Photos from the Land o' Lakes {Part 1}

Our trip to Minnesota consisted of two parts. Part One was spending time with Dad's side of the family, which was gathered for my uncle Matt's wedding.  It was so wonderful to all be together after so long.  None of my aunts, uncles, or cousins had ever met my kids- and many of them hadn't even met Travis! Since my parents no longer live in Minnesota, the last time I was home was 5 summers ago. 

My beautiful cousin Maggie was so good with August! Every time we saw her, she scooped him up and kept him, even changing his diapers and putting him to sleep. 
And my husband recently acquired that beautiful film camera. He took lots of pictures of my family. I'm excited to get it developed and see how the photos turned out!
Being the littlest kids at the party meant my kids got pretty spoiled with piggy-back rides, pop and candy being snuck to them behind my back, and generally being adored.

My beautiful sistercousins. For many years during my childhood, we lived next door to these girls and spent all day, every day together. I've missed them so much while living in Utah.

 Brother Jack, you are my favorite.

 My two best friends, my husband and my Mama, were dressed the same at Matt's wedding.
August was beloved and passed around by all.

My uncle Matt and his pretty new wife. I'm sad that we live so far away, because I'm anxious to get to know her- even if she is a gym teacher. (PE teachers are my nemeses.)
And Micah found inside himself a tree-climber. He really embraced his new favorite talent.

 My sweet boys. I love them.

My beautiful cousin Nichole and her fiance, Nick. It was such a pleasure to meet him and see her so happy. :)

 I really like them. 

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MARCIE said...

So nice Becky. I will never get over Matt with such a happy face! Looks good! I am happy for them and glad you all had such a nice time.