Monday, July 14, 2014

Photo a Day: June 29 - July 12

The prodigal blogger has returned! I'm sorry I was MIA last week. We were staying up at a lake house in Brainerd, Minnesota - and even though I was taking heaps of beautiful pictures and writing often about how much I love my home state- I didn't have the WiFi to share with you.
But now I'm back home in Utah, back to the regular world and my own internet - and in an effort to make it up to you - I promise to blog every day this week! (Or at least to try really, really hard to do so.)
Here are some pictures from the last two weeks. Honestly, I'm not sure if many of these pictures actually fall on the date that they're labeled.
Isn't that the lovely thing about vacations? All the days sort blend together, and you stay up late talking with the people you love, you get up early when children (not always your own) crawl into bed with you, and the days are so full of wonderful, lovely, boring things like fishing, reading, making milk shakes, reading books, and taking naps. I wasn't quite ready to leave that all behind after the last week and a half - but I am ready to start eating and sleeping normally, instead of mostly eating left-over cake for every meal and sleeping whenever the fancy strikes me.

 Sunday: My happy boy. // Monday: One last family dinner at home before we hit the road to the midwest. Obviously, we cooked it outside.

Tuesday: August and his Great-Grandma Mary. // Wednesday: My pretty cousin Nichole and her fiance. (Don't worry, you can see their faces much better in most of the other engagement pictures...)

Thursday: August and Great-Grandpa Roger. // Friday: My sister-cousin Chelsea and my actual-sister Katie. They're pretty fierce.

Saturday: My adorable, happy Uncle Matt and his pretty new bride. // And my cute photographer husband and me at the wedding.

 Sunday: It was really hard to find time to visit with any friends, but I luckily got to see two of my best friends from high-school, and now we're all married, too!

 Monday: Sunrise over the lake- it was a great way to start the week at the lake house! // Micah loved to drive the boat with Great-Grandpa Patch!

 Tuesday: Sitting on the dock. // Wednesday: Running on the dock. In fact, we spent most of the week on the dock...

Thursday: Grey and August.

Friday: Micah caught his first fish! He even threw it back in the water himself after I took the hook out. It was the first of many little fish reeled in off the dock. // Saturday: August and Great-Grandma Marcie. It was so fun to have all our relatives meet our little man!

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Sarah said...

I live in Brainerd!
Glad you had a great trip.