Thursday, August 7, 2014

Conversations with Three Year-Olds

A couple weeks ago, Travis went to New York for work. Now, every morning when he leaves for the office, Grey clarifies. "You are going to your old work or to your New York?"
He might think work and york are the same word.

In preparation for Harry Potter's birthday party, we watched parts of Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone with the boys. At one point I said, "Oh, that's Malfoy. He's a bully to Harry."
So the new insult and tattle-tale word at our house is "Mouth-Boy" (which is apparently what they thought I said.) For example, "MOM! Grey is a Mouth-Boy! He won't share that book with me!" or "Don't throw legos, you MOUTH-BOY!"
Yeah man. Mouth-boy.

Grey is pretty into fairies. And he sees them everywhere. He was lying on the couch watching the trees out the window a few days ago, and said (almost bored!), "I see another fairy."
"What?" I asked, coming in from the kitchen.
"I see a fairy right there, out the window."
I came to look, he quickly became exasperated with me as he pointed and said, "Right there, Mom. Right there!" and I couldn't see it.
This has become a reoccurring event. Grey sees fairies everywhere. But he's no longer upset that we can't see them. He's accepted it, I guess.

The boys are obsessed with growing up. They ask every day, "When will August grow up?" and say "I want to grow up." It makes me sad, but I guess that's the circle of life. I wanted to grow up, too. All kids do. (And if they don't, they run away to live with the fairies - so I guess I should be grateful. Grey sees fairies all the time, so it wouldn't be hard for him to end up in Never Land if he wanted to.)

The also are really into favorite colors. Grey's favorite color is pink, and Micah's is blue.
They like to start conversations by saying, "Blue is the best color, pink is a dumb color," or sometimes, "Mom, what color is your favorite? Pink or blue? Is pink the very best?"
It inevitably (and confusingly) leads to shouting, "PINK!" "NO! BLUE!"

Micah: Can I have this gum?
Me: No. That's mine.
Micah: Ahh, it is woman's gum?
Me: No. It's just gum for me.
Micah: You are a woman. So this is woman's gum.

Micah: You are a troll and you hate Harry Potter!
Grey: I am not a troll, you are a troll! I love Harry Potter!

Grey: Did you move that?
Me: Yeah, but only like a foot.
Grey: No. You used your hands.

Travis: Are you done eating?
Micah: Yes. I just ate a few days ago.

Micah: I want to grow up.
Me: You are growing up, just very slowly.
Micah: Why?
Me: So that you can do all the fun things little boys get to do.
Micah: You grew up faster, though.
Me: Nope. I grew up slowly, too. I just started first.
Micah: Hm. Okay, I guess.

**"Teaching" Grey to swim**
Me: Now paddle your arms AND kick your legs at the same time.
Micah: Hmm. That sounds difficult.

Micah: My puppy doesn't eat boys, but he does eat pretend boys.

Grey: Can I have this popsicle?
Me: It's not a popsicle. That's breast milk.
Grey: What?!
Me: It's frozen milk for August.
Grey: And you... Turned it into a popsicle?
Me: No. I just turned it into frozen milk. In a bag.
Grey: Hmmmm. Okay. Will he eat it frozen?

Me: Look at that! Those are canoes, they're little boats you can paddle in the water.
Micah: I want to ride in a canoe!
Grey: I want to ride in a pink canoe. The cutest little pink canoe!

Grey: Mushrooms make me sick. I only like to eat bread.

Grey: I don't want dinner today.
Me: You need dinner every day or you'll starve.
Grey: Tell me about "Starve."
Me: Starving means you don't have enough food, and you stop growing, and you get sick and sleepy, and then you die.
Grey: Maybe I'll only pretend to die.

Grey: Mom, you're a little bit skinny.
Me: Thank you.
Grey: But you're a little bit fat, too.
Me: Um. Thanks.
Grey: Right here on your legs.
Micah: No, Grey. She's a LOT a bit fat.

Grey: Where's your mom?
Josh: She didn't come with me today.
Me: Kelsee isn't Josh's Mom, Grey. She is his wife. They're married.
Grey: Your Mom is married?

Grey (describing a dream): I saw a dragonfly and a spider at the lake house and they were FIGHTING. I said "Grandma Polly, Grandma Polly where are you?" And the spider ATE the dragonfly. But not the potato bug, because I saved the potato bug.

Child at the park: If you share drinks you'll get germs in your mouth!
Grey: I don't have germs in my mouth, I have cavities in my mouth!

Grey: Harry Potter won! He caught the snitch ball!

Grey (to August): Hello, tiny child! Hi, wittle brudder!

Grey: I am nervous about that chicken!
Micah: I am brave about that chicken!
Elanor: You don't have to be scared of chickens, Grey. They're not like... alligators.

Grey: Mom and Dad! Woman Woman is the best fighter of bad guys! I love Woman Woman, and she won't fight us- because we're not bad!
(Woman Woman is Wonder Woman. I don't want to correct him, since it's hilarious.)

**Talking about taking care of animals and the earth**
Me: I will help take care of the earth by watering our plants. What will you do, Daddy?
Travis: I will help by not throwing my trash on the ground.  What will you do Micah?
Micah: I will protect all the animals, except not snakes. I will protect animals from snakes!

Micah: You're a little bit fat, Mom.
Me: You know, Micah, that's not actually a very kind thing to say.
Micah: It is kind to say!
Me: No. People don't want to be fat, so when you say that they are - it makes them feel sad.
Micah: But it is kind to tell the truth?
Me: Okay. Yes. It is kind to tell the truth.
Micah: You are so pretty and a little bit fat.

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MARCIE said...

Such funny little boys! I love that you share all their chatter. Also, how many years hav you been celebrating Harry's birthday? Highs school? Jr high? And now you have your very own Mouth Boy--or two, or three!