Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Photo a Day: Aug 10 - 16

This week has been very chill, just hanging out at my parents with my Mom and sister Katie all day. I actually didn't get any fabulous pictures, nor did I get any pictures with my parents or brother, despite being around them all day. Instead, I got several pictures of my boys that I love. They are pictures that really tell about my boys and who they are right now. Let me share all the things I see in these pictures:

 Sunday: Reading together. The boys are both obsessed, obsessed with comic books and superheroes. They read and reread these Batman and Spiderman books all day. They look at them every time we're in the car, before bed, during church, and whenever they have a spare minute. Also, notice that Grey is eating a roll. All the boys eat all day long is bread.

 Monday: August has discovered his fingers. He sucks and chews on them all. day. long. He's also really observant and is constantly watching everything happening around him. // Tuesday: My happy Grey boy and his cowlick. That cowlick is there all the time. It's nearly impossible to comb down, and if I do get it down, it's up again as soon as he naps or sleeps.

 Tuesday: Grey and Micah love their little brother. They try to be around August (and are all up in his business) all the time.

 Thursday: Hiking and climbing with Aunt Katie. If you ask the boys what they like to do, the answer is usually, "Climb on rocks and up big mountains, climb trees, and climb up everything." // Friday: My handsome Micah.

 Saturday: Just my blue eyed boys. I really like them.

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Elizabeth said...

Also, they both really like to read books upside down. They do it often and in this picture. :)

Katie said...

Wow, Saturday = very identical boys! I can usually tell who's who... but I had to look a long time to come up with my guess. Which is that Micah is on the left. And Grey is in the hat?

Katie said...

Totally just based on hair length because their expressions/faces just look so similar here!