Thursday, October 16, 2014

All things bright and beautiful

Most days are a mix of good and bad. Some days, all the crappy things seem to pile up.
And then, every once and a while, a day comes along that is practically perfect. Today was practically perfect.
August  woke up at 7 to nurse, and then went right back to sleep. Everyone else was still asleep, too. So I snuck through my still dark, quiet house to the kitchen and started my day with scriptures and a cup of herbal, autumny tea. It was just the perfect peace and stillness that I needed.
When my boys woke up, they all woke up happy. For some unknown reason, they almost always wake up crying- whether they've slept half an hour, or twelve hours.
But every one woke up happy. We all ate french toast. And then, since my husband had repaired the vacuum the night before: we started cleaning.
The boys even did chores, folding wash clothes and kitchen towels, sucking dead flies out of the windowsills with the vacuum (sounds pretty good at our house, huh?)
We cleaned my room, we cleaned their room, we organized closets and filled up bags with things to donate and throw away.
And nobody whined. And the boys played happily together, and happily with their bestie Elanor.
Then, glory of all glories, everybody took a nap at the same time.
All three of my boys slept for two hours at once. And I cleaned my house. I cleaned it like it hadn't been cleaned since August was born.
And the windows were open and candles were lit, and I watched Gilmore Girls on Netflix while I ate leftover curry for lunch.
We went on a walk, and Grey gathered up handfuls of little purple-flowered weeds, and gave them to me, and told me I was "bootiful."
Travis got home, and let me take a nice long, hot bath with candles lit in my newly-cleaned bathroom.
And I read poetry aloud to my kids, and they semi-listened (but not really.)

Isn't it funny how none of those things even seems that great? Getting up earlier than necessary, vacuuming up dead bugs, organizing stretched out clothes, eating old home-made Indian food on stale rice.
But it was good. It was all good. There was no whining, there was alone time for me to gather my thoughts and bask in the stillness, there was a clean, delicious smelling home at the end of the day.
And now it's time for bed.
My house isn't even clean anymore.
But it's pretty clean.
And, more importantly, it's full of joy and love and good vibrations.

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