Monday, October 20, 2014

Photo a Day: October 5-18

I'm not labeling these pictures with dates that are probably false.
So. I made some resolutions for myself. The first is to take more pictures. The second is to take less pictures.
Somedays, I cart my camera around with me all day trying to snap just one good shot from the whole day. And I'm annoyed when all I have are thirty dark, out-of-focus pictures.
Somedays, I have my camera with me and snap one good picture and think "Okay, I don't have to take anymore today. I got my one for photo-a-day. " When in fact, I would have enjoyed taking and having more pictures from that particular day or event.
I love my photo-a-day pictures and I have loved doing it for the last two years. I've learned a ton about photography and my life and have hundreds of photos because of it, but lately it's become a chore. So I'm trying to turn it back into a joy.
So here are some pictures from my last two weeks. There's about one for every day.
But not exactly.
 Micah is obsessed OBSESSED with Batman. He wears this costume almost all day, every day. // Grey driving with Grandpa. Grandpa actually lets them steer. (Be still my heart.)

 In China Town in San Francisco. // August and Daddy. I love this little boy and his concerned little eyebrows.

 My three boys. I tried so hard to get a good shot of all of them, I don't even mind that it's blurry. // Travis and me on our anniversary.  He looks silly, but it's hard to hold up a 10 pound camera and take a selfie. It's no iphone!
 Our family.
 My handsome Grey. // Family night fall artwork. Travis had to show us up and make something amazing because he's sooo great. 

 First we gathered leaves, then I channeled my great-grandmother and dipped them in wax. Once in wax, they keep their colors for weeks! I just picked up "canning parafin" in the baking section at the grocery store and melted it in a double boiler. They were really easy to make and super fun. Now they're hanging up in my house.

 My happy littlest brother. // Travis on a motorcycle that I don't totally hate.

And a little boy on a little pony.

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Polly said...

a tip for dipping wax leaves: use a cheap aluminum pie tin from the dollar store. Heat the wax in the tin directly on the burner. Throw away when finished.