Friday, November 21, 2014

Conversations with Three-Year Olds

These pictures are not from this week. They are from about a year ago. It's amazing how little they've changed. And how MUCH they've changed. 
Micah: This is my magic ring!
Grey: That ring isn't magic! The Lord of Ring is a magic ring!

Grey: Batman doesn't have teeth! Does he mom?
Me: I think he does. If he didn't have teeth, how would he smile?
Micah: He never smiles. He just stays angry.

Micah: What is this?
Me: Cabbage.
Micah: You want me to eat GARBAGE?!

Me: Please get back in your room, Grey.
Grey: No! I am not! G-R-E-Y is not my name. I am not G-R-E-Y anymore. It is not my name!

Me: What do you want for lunch?
Micah: Nothing.
Me: Oh no! If you don't eat lunch you'll starve!
Grey: And when Micah is dead, I won't play with him anymore.

Travis: Oh, I like the shirts you're wearing, don't put those stupid sweaters on.
Grey: I have to wear this stupid sweater, because I love it so much.

Grey: I pooped bubbles out!

Grey: I am not scared of this movie.
Me: Well good. Because it's not scary.
Grey: Except, it is a LITTLE scary.
Me: Nope. It's just about Santa and a little girl.
Grey: and a monster?
Me: No.
Grey: Except the monster that eats Santa?

**Watching August take a bath**
Grey: Can we baptize him now?

Micah: I can hear my brain moving in there.

Grey: Here is some tea for you, Darling Mother.
Me: Thank you.
Micah: Hey. She is your mother, Grey- but I thought I was your darling!

Me: That's weird.
Grey: Weird is a naughty word?
Me: No. It's just a word that means strange or uncommon.
Grey: Oh, yeah. Like Pirate Booty.

Me: Can you please give me some privacy?
Micah: but Mom, privacy is being alone!
Me: I know.
Micah: But you don't want to be alone.
Me: I do want to be alone.
Micah: Well, I don't!

Me: Come here, please!
Micah: I can't walk! I can only stand here and cry.

Micah: Two boys together can never be alone, only one boy can be alone.

Micah: If you hit me, I will cry. If you do not hit me, I do not cry. So do not hit me and I won't cry.

Micah: If you eat green bananas, you'll turn into THE GREEN GOBLIN!

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barbara woods said...

love their words, thanks

Marge Bjork said...

So THAT'S the real origin story of the Green Goblin.

MARCIE said...

They never fail to amuse me, and by that I mean I laugh out loud. I love them!