Monday, November 10, 2014

Photo a Day: Nov 2 - 8

Finally our tree seems to think that fall has struck and is turning gold. It seems to have skipped yellow, and headed straight into that stage just before brown. We lose more leaves every day! But despite the tree losing leaves, it has been nothing but gorgeous here! We have had sunshine and warm weather. Maybe not short-sleeve shirt weather, but I can't put sweaters on my kids yet- which is very disappointing, because I love little boys in sweaters!

 Three little boys under a big maple tree. // Grey and Micah with their Grandma.

A visit to Travis' new office.

 Spiderman and Superman. I love those post-Halloween costume sales! // And the world's best baby.

A pretty quilt. I made it.

I hope your week was lovely and fall-colored!

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