Friday, January 16, 2015

To my Dreamer and Believer

Dear Grey,
Thank you for being so thoughtful and sincere. Although you sometimes get mad or frustrated with others, you rarely are an instigator of trouble.  Lately, I've cherished reading stories with you, and telling stories to each other. You love to hear stories about your Dad and me, and always beam and giggle when I talk about how we fell in love, became engaged, or got married. It's your favorite story. Sometimes you tell stories to me, but you don't like to as much- you'd rather be listening and asking questions. Every time I finish you say, "That wasn't a very long story! Tell me another!"
You're such a good big brother. You take good care of August and Micah. You always bring them toys or blankets, share your own food or treats with them, and try to make them laugh. The other day I found you making silly faces and noises while Micah laughed hysterically. When you saw me, you looked up sheepishly and said, "I'm just making jokes for Micah."
You always talk in different silly voices, depending on how you're feeling, who you're imitating, and how you want us to react. It's so funny, and so emotive!
It's sometimes hard to get you to agree to leave the house or play with friends, because you just like to be at home with your family and maybe Elanor. But once we are out the door, you're adventurous and love finding and playing in new places.
You also always ask me really thoughtful questions- about life, death, religion, science, emotions, people, and the world. I'm often surprised by how well you listen and remember things.
You are so complimentary and tell me everyday that I am the best mom, that I'm pretty, that I'm good at cooking, sewing, saying my ABCs, or whatever else I'm doing at the time. If I brush aside your comments, you will try to stop me and look in my eyes, "Mom. I love you. You ARE the nicest mom." Thank you for being so good, and caring so much about how the people around you feel.
I love you so much,

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