Wednesday, January 14, 2015

To my Mover and Shaker

Dear little August,
Oh my sweet boy, I didn't know that they made babies as nice as you. Everyone who sees and meets you agrees that you are the sweetest boy. You are so friendly and love being with people, especially your family. It's so sweet to have you reach for me or beg for your Daddy. You love to snuggle in under my chin, pat me happily on the chest, and plant kisses on my face.  You learned to wave this week and proudly show off your new trick all day. You were the star in church this week, as you crawled back and forth across the Relief Society room, turning to look back and wave every few minutes.
Sometimes, you get stressed out by lots of people, though- especially at noisy parties or family gatherings. You'll fuss and cry, and if I pick you up- you'll wave happily goodbye! Then you like to sit by yourself in your bed, singing little songs and rattling your toys until you either go to sleep or decide that you want to come back out and join the fun.
You love your brothers so much, and your new favorite game is to wrestle with them and Daddy. They toss you and tumble with you and the four of you crawl and climb over and under each other- all laughing and silly. You rarely cry unless you're hurt, and even then- it's only for a moment.
You also love to take baths and will beg at the bathroom door like a puppy until we take you in and start running the water. You crawl and splash around in the water long after its gotten cold and your little lips start to turn blue! It's been so fun watching you learn and grow -especially over the last few months!- and to watch you try to keep up with your brothers.
I love you so, my darling little boy,

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