Monday, February 9, 2015

Portraits of my Boys 6

I really, really like my kids. I think they are so cute, so beautiful, so funny, smart, weird, curious, adventurous and capable. They are the best little kids in the world. 
Yes, sometimes they are really naughty. Sometimes they drive me insane and I want to lock them in their rooms for the rest of their lives.  Sometimes my husband comes home at the end of the day and I cry and "overreact" (Travis thinks most displays of emotion are overreactions) and am too tired for motherhood. 
And yes, I know it's biased to say that my children are the best, most wonderful children in the world- especially when they are so imperfect.
But I think mothers, at least, are allowed to be unbearably biased in favor of their babies. And I am highly imperfect, and yet I hope they think I'm the best mother, or at least, their favorite. 
I love picking through these portraits each week, looking for good pictures of my little men- though it's weird not having photos for every day. It turns out, I miss it when I'm not forcing myself to do it unwillingly! 


Wearing a backwards shirt (dressed himself), and gazing unseeing into space. This is Grey. I have pictures of him gazing into space from every week of his entire life. I love that his little mind is just whirring away, building up dreams and stories. He is my little thinker. 


 Micah asked to climb this tree, and immediately scurried right up to the top, far out of my reach or ability to help him. No fear, this one!


This picture of August was actually taken by Micah! (on my friend Brittany's camera). This poor little man is teething, complete with running nose, diarrhea, sleepless nights, and a desire to be held by mother or entertained by brothers every waking moment.

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Carol said...

I was positive that picture of Grey was really Micah. I was, and still am, confused.