Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Portraits of my Boys

So. My resolution to take portraits of my children is still holding pretty strong. My ability to post them on the internet is weak.
But here are... ahem, Five weeks worth of photos of my boys.
Arranged by child.


Sitting at the cold beach of Lake Tahoe, watching the clouds move in and trying to decide if he should be worried or not.

Making wishes.

Grey is actually the one in green here, and I love this picture of him. This is how he sits when he is concentrating. He's not looking at his brother, he's looking at his train set. Studying how to build it the way he wants to.


Again, staring into the distance at Tahoe while Grandma reads to him.

Lately, Micah takes his pillows and blankets outside every day and makes himself a bed to lie in and watch the world. I love this little weirdo.

Jumping on the trampoline. Again, this picture isn't really of Micah's face but I love it nonetheless.

And August:

This boy is such a happy, crazy, little delight.

 Because we obviously needed one of August staring into the Lake, too.

 Taking a sink bath. (And yes, this is the week that I didn't manage to get pictures of my other kids and yes, I like pictures of them looking away. These boys have the sweetest little profiles.

 August LOVED the beach. Loved it, people. While Micah and I were content to mostly stay home or chill out high up in the dry, warm sand. And Grey was happy playing in the wet sand to build, but keeping clear of that salty, frigid tide: August took after his Daddy. He ran into the waves, knowing they would knock him down. He waved and squealed to the seagulls, dug in the wet sand, collected (and sucked on) rocks and sea shells and basically would have been more than happy to stay in San Diego forever.

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Unknown said...

Oh, I really enjoyed this post of pictures! August is so different and older than at Christmas. I do imagine him at this age often. I bet he is just so fun! Take care!

Polly said...

Somehow I missed this post until now. Very cute pictures. I love every picture.