Thursday, July 2, 2015

Water Baby

I have two big kids who cry when they accidentally get their faces wet while swimming, who refuse to play in splash pads, and who only recently decided they are brave enough to run through sprinklers.
And then, I have a water baby.
I cannot get over this little man. He is fearless, uncomplaining, and go-get-'em. At a park today, he was trying to drink from the sprinklers and got his mouth stuck on the sprinkler head (yep, I'm a super good Mom). The moment I pried his screaming face off the sprinkler, he punch-kicked his way out of my arms and back over to get another drink.
He knows what he wants, and what he wants is WATER, gosh darn it!
And who can blame him? According to the weatherman it's ONE BAZILLION degrees in Salt Lake City everyday this month!
Wow! What an amazing and real weather forecast!
(Question: Are there still weathermen? Or just apps that tell you weather?)
I'm excited to get out of this sun-baked valley this weekend and head up to Idaho with my in-laws. I suspect my baby will throw himself head first into a lake. He'll just have to wear a life jacket at all times, even when he's sleeping.


Mary said...

Little Minnesotan water baby

MARCIE said...

Cutest pictures ever!