Monday, August 3, 2015

Portraits of my Boys 30

I wasn't very good at pulling out my camera this week, I only did one day- apparently! But the day that I had it out, I was holding it all day. I managed to capture so many sweet shots, I just love them. I had several high school friends visit me in the last two weeks and again, I didn't get a single good DSLR picture- just iPhone pictures. Sometimes, I look at all my pictures and forget that we've done anything new or exciting, since my favorite things to document are the ordinary things. 
We've started packing and I hate it. 
By "started," I mean, I have packed six boxes of books from one and a half bookshelves. 
It was like torture. Geez, it stresses me out! And it stresses me to know that I have to pack a ton and won't get to unpack it right away. We close on our house on WEDNESDAY(!!!!!) but we have to do some repairs and don't have to leave this house until the end of the month. So it's just going to be a slow move... which I'm beginning to think is just worse. 
But in the meantime, we will try to get stuff done and live minimally, and I will sketch out my garden plans on graphing paper over and over again. 
We are going to miss that huge, beautiful tree. It's just the right size for three boys to play in. But I think it will be worth it. Our new house has some pretty great trees too, and we will plant fruit trees in the spring, too. 


We were given a free piano! It doesn't quite fit in our current home, but we couldn't say no! Especially since we know there will be room aplenty for it in the new house! Grey and Micah love it and both play "hot cross buns" all day. 


My brave little adventurer!


 August's new favorite food is peanut butter by the spoonful (as you can see!) and his eyes are like dark, beautiful pools of chocolate.

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Mary said...

Let's see a vide of these piano players rocken some hot crossed buns