Monday, November 30, 2015

Family Conversations

On Thanksgiving, Grey cozied up next to me and asked, "Mom, is this what you always wanted? To live in a house with so many little boys that love you?"
YES. It is.
Then later at the dinner table, when everyone went around the table and said what they were grateful for- Grey said, "My Mother" and when pressed for details, he turned pink and ducked under the table.
So yes. This is basically my dream.

Micah has been getting pretty deep in his prayers lately. Here are two that I recorded:

"I wanna be a grownup and get married, I want to live even longer than Grandpa Jim and he was very old. How do you stay alive forever? Do you even have to eat food? Heavenly Father, please bless me to keep living.
How do you know everything? You know everything in the world and you're the boss of the world. A long time ago, Hitler tried to be the boss of the world- but no one can do that but you. Heavenly Father, I don't want to be the boss of the world- I just want to be a grown up. Please help me to grow so fast that when I'm only five, I can be a grown up dad and get married."

This was easily his most intense prayer, but all his prayers are like this. He gets on a tangent. The other day was "Thank you for helping my dad have a job to make money, and we used our money to buy a house because we didn't have a house. We lived in someone else's house and gave them our money, but we needed our own house. The person living here decided to sell their house to us, but we needed money. So thank you for our dad's job and money."

Me: How do these shoes feel?
Micah: They hurt, but it's okay.
Me: Oh, no! Where do they hurt?
Micah: Everywhere, but it's fine.

Me: Be careful not to cough in the food, please.
Micah: This is my own food. I always cough on my own food. And sneeze and cry and spit on it.

Grey: Mom, do you like cleaning up and working?
Me: I don't. But I like having a clean house, that's why it's so nice that you guys are getting bigger and can help me.
Micah: But someday, we will move out. Then we will have our own house.
Me: and your house will be so clean!
Micah: Probably not, because we will have our own kids too, and kids are messy!

Micah: Mom, I'm sick. I feel so sick and my head hurts and it's all your fault.
Me: Why is this my fault?
Micah: You gave me candy and you KNOW candy is bad for your body. And you gave it to me and now I'm sick.
Me: Okay, I promise to never give you candy ever again.

Travis: Come brush your teeth while I shave my face.
Micah: Will you shave off all the hair?
Travis: Yes.
Grey: And you will be BALD?! NO!

Me: Do you want to wear a hat?
Micah: No! I don't need one, I have a coat! Coatish people never wear hats.

Micah: What's that thing that sings and talks and you talk into it?
Me: What? I don't know.
Micah: A talking skull?
Me: I guess? I'm not sure what you're talking about.
Micah: No, it's like a stick with a ball at the end and you sing and talk with it. A telescope?
Me: Wait, a microphone?
Micah: YES, THAT. Okay. Do you think Santa could bring me a pink one of those?

Micah: Ice is made of water, so snow is made of water, because snow is just tiny fluffy little pieces of ice falling together.
Grey: I know this. I live in your land. I am from your world.

Micah: I am smaller than smoke. I am so tiny you cannot see me.
Grey: You are a crumb. Little crumb baby.
Micah: I am not a crumb baby, I'm a snow baby. And when people go out into the snow- I ATTACK THEM.

Grey: Was that police officer mean to you because he doesn't know about Jesus?

Me: It's your dads birthday! He's forty-six!
Micah: Wow! He'll be so tall, his head will touch the ceiling!
Me: Actually, he probably won't get any taller, just older.
Micah: ACTUALLY, how old you are is how tall you are, Mom. Didn't you know?

Me: I can't find Grey.
Micah: and I'm not either!

**shouting downstairs to the empty basement**
Micah: Hey, Monsters! I'm coming down there, and if you try to get me- I'll get rid of you like the dinosaurs. Don't jump out at me or scare me or I'll kill you off the whole earth!

Me: Guess what Ellie's mom said to me today?
Grey: Hey. I mean, um. Uhhhh. I don't know, I guess. Hey! I don't know. What?

Me: How do I look?
Travis: Good, like a fourth Stooge- no, like two of the Three Stooges had a baby.

**Micah comes out of the kitchen covered in frosting**
Travis: Please tell me what happened.
Micah: Um. I just wanted a slice of cake. And then, well, I got it.

Grey: I like punching the wind to the mountains.

Grey: I can't go to bed! I'm hungry!
Me: You had your chance to eat dinner. You'll have to go to bed hungry.
Grey: I'm not hungry for dinner! I'm hungry for RUNNING!

Grey: I'm tired of this game. Wait, Mom? What does "Tired of this game" mean?
Me: It means you don't think it's fun anymore.
Grey: Oh yes, I'm tired of this game.

**About a half hour into The Santa Clause**
Grey: When does Jesus come into this movie?
Me: Jesus isn't in the movie, honey. It's a movie about Santa.
Grey: No, you SAID it was a movie about Christmas- and Christmas is about Jesus.

Micah: I was just talking 'bout Santa.
Me: With whom? Did you wake up your dad?
Micah: No. I was just sitting on the toilet by myself, because my tummy hurts- and when my tummy hurts, it's best to just stay in the bathroom.

Grey: Hey! My dad is home! Do you want to meet my dad? Do you want to see how tall he is?!

Grey: I wish you didn't wake me up! I want to keep dreaming about all the beautiful things!

Micah: Don't pick your nose and eat it with your eyes.
Me: I don't know what that means.
Micah: It means, don't pick boogers from your nose and let your eye eat it.
Me: How can your eye eat it?
Micah: You just poke it in. How can this be confusing?

Micah: Mother! Do you see me? Do you see my power and super strength and my force?

Grey: This is a good game for a kid like me, or a biggie like you.

Micah: Daddy, lift me up so Mom can see how strong you are and she'll really want to marry you.

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