Saturday, January 30, 2016

Family Conversations

You guys. I love my people. They are so quirky and weird. It's all I've ever wanted from children!

Micah was standing in the yard, when he whispered, "It's almost spring!" Then he sprinted back into the house, where he joyfully shouted to everyone "It's almost spring! It's almost spring! Grey's snowman is melting, it's the size of a bunny! It's almost spring, it's almost spring!"

Micah: I'm an Airbender, but I can't control air- I can only control blankets.

**Speaking of one of Travis' employees, after we visited the office**
Grey: I was trying to hide from Dunn, because I'm afraid he would kill me. Does he want to steal kids?

Grey: I want to watch a movie.
Me: Nope, sorry.
Grey: Then I will be sadder than any other human being can imagine!

Grey: Dear Heavenly Father, I do not want any one to pinch me. That's against the rules! But even if someone does, I guess we can still be a happy family and love each other, and our home can be nice and peaceful. Please bless us to be truly true and magnificent.

Micah: Heavenly Father, please bless mom and dad to love one another forever and ever.

Grey: Our driveway is being shoveled, but not by a human! It's being shoveled by the sun!

Me: Let's all say, "Kindness Begins with Me."
Grey: I don't know why kindness should begin with us. We are only children. Maybe grown ups should start being kind.

Micah: Are you in truth?
Grey: I always tell the truth.
Micah: But are you serious?
Grey: I am never serious. Being serious is of the Dark Side.

Grey: Our chickens don't have husbands, so they don't make babies- only food.

Grey: I have a wonderful idea! Tomorrow, let us play hide and seek!
Micah: Wonderful, indeed! And then we can tell our mother about our hiding and seeking adventures!
Grey: Oh, my silly Micah!

Micah: I am a person, as good as can be. Is there room in this car for a boy just like me? Grey is a boy, as blond as can be. Is there room in the car for a boy such as... He?
(We recently got the book Room on the Broom, which features several animals that rhyme in this pattern. I was SO impressed that Micah could mimic the syntax of sentence, keep the rhyme, and even make sense.)

Micah: I saw a pointy thing on your face!
Grey: What was it?
Micah: It was your nose!

Micah: Hey Dad! I saw your booty!

Micah: I am Robin Hood and you are Maid Marian and we have run away to the greenwood to be married!
Claire: What's that?
Micah: Why, Sherwood Forest of course!
Grey: I will shoot one of the King's deer for our dinner!

Grey: Do I look sooo handsome, like Josh?

Grey: Look at these puppets I made at church!
Me: Wow, what did you learn about today?
Grey: I am a kid of Savior!
Me: What?
Grey: Haha, I mean, I'm a kid of THE Savior!
Travis: Don't you mean, you're a Child of God?
Grey: Oh yeah, that's what it's called!

Grey: Someday, when I'm a dad, I'll name my girls "Katie and Emily." And if I have nine girls, I'll just give the rest of them silly names!
Micah: I'll name my girls Katie and Emily, too. And if I have any boys, I'll name them Travis-Dad and Dad, just Dad, not Travis-Dad.
Grey: If I have boys I'll name them Grey and Micah!

Grey: I am Luke Skywalker and you guys are my parents and we are fighting Darth Vader together.
Me: Uh oh! If I'm your parent, I AM Darth Vader!
Grey: No. You're my mother, and my mother was good!
Me: But your mother is also dead, so am I a ghost?
Grey: How about, you're a spirit instead of a ghost?

Grey: Mom, someday when I get married, I'll send you a picture of my new wife at the wedding.
Me: Wait. Can't I come to the wedding?
Grey: Oh. Yeah, I guess so. It will be at the temple, like you got married at. Will you come there?
Me: Of course!
Travis: Can I come to your wedding?
Grey: Well, you and Mom always have to stick together! You're a team! So if Mom comes, you have to come!
Travis: Great, thanks! Can Aunt Moony come?
Grey: Well, she is pregnant- so I don't know if she's going to make it.
Micah: I don't even know how to get married. All I know is, your ring goes on this finger. But I think it will bug me. Does it bug you?
Grey: No. It doesn't. Someday when I'm a grown up, but I'm not married yet- I can live in a hotel with my friends. I can't wait!
Travis: Do you mean an apartment?
Grey: Yes, an apartment. But only if it's a hotel apartment.

Micah: What are you making?
Grey: A bed for maniacs.
Micah: So, a bed for you?
Grey: All maniacs.
Micah: I'M not a maniac. I'm a weirdo and a silly goose!
Grey: These words all mean the same thing.

Micah: Dear Heavenly Father, please help me to be kind to everyone in the world. Even people who make different choices than me, even bad guys. Please help me to nice to everyone, even strangers when they try to steal me.
(We had to have a talk about this. No. You don't have to be nice to kidnappers. Everyone else, though, deserves kindness.)


MARCIE said...

I love these goofy guys. I love the way their minds work. Let's all say "Kindness begins with me."

Polly said...

I also loved "kindness begins with me" and being serious is of the Dark Side"