Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Family Conversations

A few days ago, the boys found a hole punch that cuts out 2 inch circles. Micah punched out about 50, and then asked me to write a letter on them to his Dad.
Here it is:

Dear Dad, I miss you. I like you. What are you going to do? How are you doing? August likes you, I do also. When will you be home? Here are some things I love about you: We wrestle and rough-house. You're getting bigger. (I like that.) You're a good worker. You're handsome. You are always tired. You throw pillows at us. You love Mom so much. You love Grandma Pitcher so much. I know that you're great. You go to work every day (that you have to.) It's cool when you do backflips. Your bed is handsome and pretty. You run so fast, even barefeet. (I can run as fast as you.) You can do somersaults in the air! You take very good care of us. You can climb so high, you're a good climber. How can you drive? Driving is cool, and we can go places.  Mom likes you SO MUCH. I know we have chickens. Love, Micah

Micah: Aw, mom. You have such a cute wittle belly.

Grey: I know you're frustrated with me, but-
Micah: I'm not frustrated. I'm angry.
Grey: Micah- those pretzels were gluten. That's called PROTECTING. I was protecting you from the gluten!

Micah: You coughed out boogers.
Grey: I know. I just slurried them back in.

Micah: I am an explorer, a climber, a snuggler and a player.
Me: Oh, what I am?
Micah: Hmmm. A work-harder. A needer, I mean, a knitter.
Travis: She's a needer, too.
Micah: Aaaand, a sleeper. Because you're always tired. Dads a sleeper, too.
Travis: What else am I?
Micah: You are a payer, because you always pay people for things. And a Dadder. You're a player and snuggler, too.

Grey: That's a lot, but not a really big much.

Grey: When will the baby in your belly be done growing?
Me: I don't have a baby in my belly right now.
Grey: Fine. How long will it take to start growing one?

Grey: Is it very nice to eat someone that you love?
Me: To eat a person you love?
Grey: To eat someone up because you love them. Is that a good thing?
Me: No. I don't think it's nice to eat anyone.
Grey: But when Max was in the land of the Wild Things, they said "Oh no, please don't go. We'll eat you up we love you so!" I guess monsters just aren't very smart.

Travis: Don't forget that guy is coming over today at one.
Micah: Sir Guy of Gisboure?

Grey: I'm going to run away to a donut shop and come home with a gluten face!

Grey: Look at my big belly!
Travis: Oh, it's SO FAT.
Grey (offended): Not SO fat. That's not very nice to say.
Micah: Look at my big belly!
Grey: His belly isn't even big. He's just bending his back to make it look like that.

Me: I need to go to the bathroom first-
Micah: In whose underwear?

Micah: My elbow has a sort of bone in it. You cannot eat my point-bones.

Me: Hey, lover boy.
Grey: What's a Liver Boy?


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