Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Dandelion Wishes

Thank goodness we have a busy single mother and city council woman living next door! Besides being an awesome human being, she also has a fairly unkept yard- which keeps the Pitcher family from being the only slobs on the block.
I think all the very tidy old people on our street use their hedge trimmers EVERY DAY.
And we mow the lawn... well, almost never. Like, thrice a summer? Some of us have other things to do! Like keep children alive and be civically engaged! (We are not civically engaged. That would be our neighbor.)
But a few weeks ago, I looked over the back fence and noticed a veritable dandelion paradise. As the sun was sinking, I herded my children over into the neighbor's yard to stage a photoshoot.
Dandelions are good for something! (Also, they're good for bees. Also, I just kinda like them in general.)
Well, I didn't herd everyone. Grey was resting on the couch with a newly broken leg! Which I was pretty convinced wasn't broken. Despite my pleading, he refused to hobble over and blow weed-seeds around the neighborhood with us. Looking back, I find I can forgive him. facepalm
Louise also went to bed. But I forced my other children to participate!

At first, it was just fun to run around and blow out dandelions. After about 15 minutes, I asked Micah, "What are you wishing for?"
"What do you mean?"

They didn't know that you're supposed to make wishes when you blow out a dandelion! I guess I'm failing as a whimsy free-spirited mother.
I explained about the wish-fulfilling abilities of dandelions. Micah promptly picked another dandelion and whispered, "I wish I could always be kind!" and August, ever the mimic, picked one and also said, "Be kind!"

They're really good human beings.
I always wish for a million dollars or surprise thunderstorms, but I guess I've got a lot to learn.


MARCIE said...

My dandelion wishes are always, "please don't spread your seeds all over my yard"! And yet I love them still! Cute photos of Micah and Auggie!

Unknown said...

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