Honey Bee Actions

The Honey Bee Action set features 25 color and black and white actions for Photoshop.
Make your photos sweeter with honey tones, vintage tints, and beautifying color layers.

The Honey Bee Action set includes the following actions:
1. Warm
2. Cool
3. Light it UP
4. Light it DOWN?
5. Resize for web (horizontal)
6. Resize for web (vertical)
7. Vignette
8. Christmas Cardigans (BW)
9. Girly Twirly
10. Twinkle Lights (BW)
11. Black Sheep (BW)
12. Blue eyes
13. Brown eyes
14. Green eyes
15. Baby Grey (BW)
16. White Rabbit (BW)
17. Softly
18. Paisley
19. My Only Sunshine
20. Micah Love
21. Penny Lane (Sepia)
22. Snuggling Babies
23. Iced Tea
24. Intensify
25. Morning Light (BW)

The HoneyBee Action Set costs $35.00 USD, and will be emailed to you within 24 hours of your purchase.  Click below to purchase through PayPal:

Please email me with your questions, testimonials, or pictures edited with HoneyBee Actions at rebeccah.louise@gmail.com
To see my photos (on the blog) which have been edited with HoneyBee Actions, click {here}.
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