Thursday, September 30, 2010

Baby one more time

This counts as a post about a baby, right?
I loved this weeks episode of Glee, which I watched yesterday on Hulu.

Britany Spears is not my favorite artist, BUT did grow up with her.
Baby One More Time was the first cd I ever owned, and I still know every word of every song from listening to it over and over as a nine year old. I had a poster of Britany (denim shorts and all) hanging over my bed... right over the jungle animals border wall-paper.
Classy decor.

It's also the first music video I can remember watching.
So, because I've been watching Britany Spears all afternoon (thanks to Glee), here's a little for you, too:

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Polly said...

I thought this was going to be a clip from Glee. Brittany looks so young and still innocent. I don't remember Brittany hanging on your wall, but I remember the jungle print wall border.