Thursday, September 30, 2010


Is NieNie's blog your favorite mommy-blog?
It is definately mine.

And so, I am very super duper thrilled and excited to announce:
Tonight I get to meet NieNie!

She is speaking at the Wilk on BYU campus tonight and my very awesome film maker husband (and I, his lowly sound equipment assistant) will be filming the event for BYU Women's Services!

Our meeting may be very brief. It may in fact consist only of me clipping a microphone to her shirt, telling her I love her, then feeling very awkard since we've never met, and then asking to take a picture with her despite the awkwardness already out there, and then smiling like we're best friends and giving her my phone number and begging her to call me if she ever needs someone to babysit those super cute kids of hers.

Or just those first few things.
But I really want a photo to hang on my wall... ahem. To have, but not hang up because only crazy people hang up pictures of people they barely know, right?

Anyway, join me and NieNie tonight for what will no doubt be a very inspirational and fun event at 7pm in the Wilk Ballroom.

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Polly said...

Yeah, you can tell her your mom loves her too! And that your sister Lisa sent her a poster from Japan last year. I guess we are a family of Nie Nie fans!