Friday, October 1, 2010

Happy Weekend!

Thank goodness it's Friday, it feels like the longest week of my life.
I can only hope the weekend feels equally long (and yet I doubt it...)

I did meet Stephanie Neilsen, but I didn't get a picture with her. I couldn't ask her, after making a complete fool of myself. I did tell her I love her, then I started babbling. And not the "okay" sort of babbling, the "I used words like my mom's boobs" sort of babbling.
There is seriously something wrong with me.
I think it's pregnancy hormones that make me crazy.
My only consolation in that NieNie seemed pretty distracted during my craziness and maybe didn't catch me saying "Becky Pitcher, I'm Becky Pitcher" like four times.
Also, when I told my mom she laughed until she cried.

But I plan on a completely NON-crazy weekend starting with relaxing on this couch, with this quilt and Olfie (who is wearing my scooter helmet) and a piece of pumpkin pie and my husband and watching General Conference while trying to decide what baby-things I can make these pretty fabrics into.

Thanks grandma for the fabrics! And thanks SmittenKitchen for the most delicious pie recipe ever.
I hope you all have a great weekend, and watch Conference since it will be awesome and inspiring.
(And feel free to tell me some of your horribly embarrassing moments so I can stop feeling so blasted foolish.)


Polly said...

I wish you would've left me out of it! Yikes. I guess we can't help but make fools of ourselves once in awhile. Actually every time I think about it, I start laughing again. So thanks for amusing me, I needed it. Also remember what I was like pregnant with Kathryn, talk about babbling, except sadly mine also included lots of crying. Out of control hormones are no fun.

Mary said...

I love you and the act that you said the words my moms boobs in front of here...blam it on being pregnant if you want but I shall blame it on you being a airhead :)

haggen family said...

And why were you talking about your mom's boobs? Just asking. This is fun=)

MARCIE said...

Silly girl!