Thursday, October 28, 2010

DIY: Diaper Bag / Messenger Bag

I love this bag.
The pattern technically labeled this a "diaper bag" but 1. it seems too small to be a diaper bag and 2. it is a totally functional anything-else bag.

This was a super easy pattern from Lotta Jansdotter's Simple Sewing for Baby (the book where Olfie came from, too) and this pretty fabric was on sale at Ikea.
It took me about 15 minutes to cut out all the pieces and another half hour to actually sew it.
Then we took it to the grocery store to carry home our food.
It worked perfectly.

The author suggests hanging it over the handles of a stroller, to carry the essentials on a walk to the park.
That is what I'll do.
But until then, I think I'm going to store my huge amounts of baby fabrics and half-made projects in this brightly colored bag.

And, opinions needed: should I stick a button on the top so it can hold close?
I think... I might...
but I'm not sure.


Lauren said...

Velcro might be easier to open and shut one handed while holding a baby (as opposed to a button).

I like it!

Polly said...

Very cute, good job! Is this what happen's when you feel to sick to go to school? At least your productive. I just layed around in my own misery.