Friday, October 29, 2010

Last weekend in the Month of Fun

So it has come, and now it is (almost) gone.
The month of FUN was a good one, but we're hopefully on to colder and better things, like Christmas season.

Since this is the last time I will probably admit to it being fall (Christmas season is it's own season) please enjoy these pretty shots of fall around our yard.
As filmed on Wednesday by Travis:

Autumn from travispitcher on Vimeo.

And have a very happy Halloween!


Polly said...

How can you say the month of fun is over? It is just beginning. Today Jack and Kathryn have party's at school, Kathryn is Minnie Mouse and Jack is the Headless Horseman. Tonight we have trunk er treating at church. Tomorrow maybe a haunted house..and then Sunday I'm pretty sure lots and lots of children in costumes will ring my doorbell!
The video is super cool!

Claire said...

I loved this!
Your husband is very talented.
As are you :)

I must say, fall will live on in my mind. I can't let go of it very easily