Monday, October 11, 2010

Mary Comes

My sister Mary came this weekend and it was so fun! And lucky for me (since I go to bed really early) Mary was super sleep-deprived from being a college student and fell asleep on our floor Friday night at 8 (and got 13 hours of sleep) and again Saturday night at 9:30! I gave her a kick when we passed her at 9 on Friday and said, "Hey. Go sleep on my couch," and I guess she did since she was on the couch in the morning.
Saturday we went to the Farmer's Market, and then visited with some friends and family, like Lana and the Patchs, and then we went to Sam Hawks, which is the most delicious Korean food I've ever had.

I always forget to take pictures when I'm doing something fun, so these four photos from the restaurant are some of the only ones from the whole weekend, but enjoy!

Photobucket YUM! Our food looked like this: if you go to Sam Hawks order the Bulgogi - you will not be disappointed.

This is our friend Charne, who is from Minnesota - but actually South Africa. She was an exchange student with us in high school, and now we get her on holidays and things. It is very lucky for us. And the blonde one is my sister Mary.
Who we also get on holidays.

Mary had her cute little polaroid with her the whole trip and did a much better job documenting our adventures than I did, but I forgot to scan them all before she left with them.
At least I got this cute photo of the photo. Also, it's in a bowl of omlete-type eggs.

This is the only picture we got of us that night, and sadly it's very blurry.
It's too bad, but I still like it.

Also, I'm editing all these photos on my work computer which is not a mac, so I don't understand it. These pictures are out of proportion, among other things.
I don't know how to fix that problem.


Polly said...

I'm glad you guys had fun and that Charne was with you! I'm also glad Mary got some sleep. Poor Mary.

Mary said...

I think I want to sleep at your house every weekend because I was happier and had more sleep then normal.