Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Baby Names

We are not among those who will name the baby while it's in the womb.
How could we name him without seeing him first?

What if we plan on naming him Joseph and all call him Joseph and he comes on out and we think "He looks more like a Rupert..."
Do we change his name?

But we do have a list of names we like so when the time comes we can look the child over and say "Edwardo, not Joseph, don't you think?"
"Ah no, I'm thinking Rupert."
(Rupert, Edwardo and Joseph on not our list of favorite baby names, FYI - just example names)

We're prepared. A bit.
BUT our brother-in-law Chris introduced us to a terrible new thing called Baby Name Wizard.
You go to the link and type in your favorite name and it will show you a graph of its popularity.
Or a map of America with high-lighted states where the name is common.

And we realized that all our boys names are ... trendy.

I don't WANT a baby with a trendy name.
I don't want teachers to tack on P. every time they call out Rupert's name in class.
"Rupert P. I want you in a group with Rupert B. and Natalie W."

This is what every single one of our boys names looks like:

See where they peak? NOW. All of them are most popular NOW.
Grrrr. New names, I suppose.
What a pain.
(Our girls names, however, are VERY unpopular... which also might be worrisome.)



tammy said...

I can guarantee Rupert is not popular.....I think.

tammy said...

Wait....have you found out that you are having a boy?? And if not Tammy and/or Tamara is not popular at all.

Becky Pitcher said...

No, we don't know yet... but if it is a boy we will have a harder time naming him than if it is a girl.

Julie Wilding said...

I think you need to pop out a Brittany or Tiffany just so she can be the only one in her class.

Polly said...

You can always look at old family history names, old names are fashionable, but some might not be remembered. Have you met a Fanny lately? I was going to make a list for you of all the kids in Kathryn's class so you could see what is popular. Here is what I can remember:2 Elizabeth's, Gracie(love it!) Jordan, Elana, Mia,Olivia, Ian, Tim, Garrin, Greyson...
I didn't name any of my baby's before they were born. Except Kathryn, we named her years before we had her, she was waiting for us for a long time. I have no idea why we named you Rebeccah, it just fit. Good Luck.

Elizabeth said...

That website is really fun! I found out that my children's first names are all popular but that their middles names aren't at all. Aurora's middle name (Mae) had nothing on the graph since the the mid- 1960's! That was kinda neat to find out! Baby names are so much fun! Good Luck with pick just the right name!

Nana B said...

I can't believe you won't consider Joseph. It is an awesome name, my grandfather was Joseph, your Grandpa Rod would not, absolutely not do a Joseph but it is one of my absolute favorite boy names. Think of all the names in the Bible, there are some really neat names there. One old fashioned name that is coming back in for girls is Lillian (Lilly) There are so many and waiting until you see that baby is best, but to have a few ready to choose from is a good idea, I really wanted your Uncle Tony to be James, but Tony fits much better than Jim, and John was going to be a Patrick, but John fits better so you see it does work to wait. But I am having a difficult time waiting to find out what this baby's gender is going to be. But the quilt is underway anyway, very gender neutral and so much fun.