Sunday, December 5, 2010

22 Weeks

Remember last week when I said my boys had doubled in size?
So have I doubled in size.

Also, Gap maternity jeans are really expensive, but now that I know how awesome they are I would pay double for them. I feel like I'm wearing sweatpants, they're so comfy, but they look exactly like my favorite non-maternity jeans. I wear them all day, every day.
I love them.
This is not an ad for Gap.
(although everything I'm wearing in the pics below is FROM Gap)

Today I made Travis take my picture, since I've already gotten bigger since the LAST time he took my picture, and what I learned is this: I am not very good at posing for pictures.
I AM very good at dancing, talking, and making monster faces while someone takes my picture.
Having many awkward photos and not one decent photo, I have gone ahead and included several.

At 22 weeks pregnant I look like this:


Claire said...

Love these.
Love this.

So happy I was able to see your cute belly for myself last week! Oh, and your cute face too.

Marge Bjork said...

i'm curious about how your feet are doing. After watching the transformation of my sister's feet I dream that I'll be able to have a pedi once a month while I'm pregnant.

Mary said...

Hehe you have really big boobs now, good job~ I think you are a cute pregnant person, even if you can only make monster faces.

Allie said...

You could not be any more adorable.

sienna said...

you are a very cute pregnant person and very cute gap ad.